Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Garden and Her Girl, Chapter 2: The Prince and the Princess

A special thanks to the Wise and Great Witch Lynn, who, without her guidance through Narnia, my book would not be possible.

So as the weather "cooled" throughout the land, Princess H and Prince Wilhelm did begin to prepare the earth for planting. Well, as a matter of true fact, it was not exactly agreed upon that they should begin preparation, it just sort of happened. The manner in which it happened is of some debate between the prince and princess, but since this is her story, you will hear her version.

On rare occasions Princess H does get her housework done in a timely fashion, on Friday. It is on these days that the sorting and washing of the laundry does wait until Saturday. When this happens it is imperative that the lawn is mowed before said laundry is hung up to dry, for everyone knows that the dry earth in this land of Arizona does stir up dust and will settle on wet items. It is also fair to note that once heavy with wet articles, the line of clothes does drop and one might be concerned that Prince Wilhelm might be beheaded while mowing if he is not careful. It was this concern for the prince that lead to the following incident.

I should interrupt here and say that the relationship between the prince and the princess is not exactly what one might imagine if you have not ever met them, and one might be taken aback by the manner in which they speak to each other if one did not know them well and if one were to believe that which they know from fairy tales of princes and princesses to be true. In fact, the most terrible things that they say to each other are not meant as terrible, but are mere punching points in which the two bait each other in an effort to debate and argue. It is also probaby of great importance to note that because this is the princesses story, she has probably made herself out to be quite nice and humble, more so than is completely accurate.

As most princesses of this time do, Princess H awoke from slumber and was headed to bathe before she began her day. Bathing in these times, you see, is a sign of a woman that is ready for her day fresh and renewed. It is also necessary for many since the times of long hair that can be combed and tied up in a nice bun atop the head are long since gone. But on this day Princess H hesitated in her daily ritual, knowing that there was much to be done on the outside of their dwelling on 17th Place. She desired nothing more than to assist Prince Wilhelm in his labors, but was greeted with mockery.

"Prince Wilhelm? Will though be needing my help in the yard this day?" beseeched Princess H.

With a deep chuckle, Prince Wilhelm replied, "What? What would YOU do?!"

A bit defeated, the sweet and helpful Princess H responded in kind by saying, "Well... I could... Well, I could mow the lawn if thou would like oh great and wonderful prince." She was very hesitant in her offering because at this point she felt as if her kind gesture was not being taken seriously.

"You?! You, mow the lawn?!" questioned the prince.

"Yes sire, I could mow the lawn if though would like. I only ask now because I was about to bathe and would like to do it before I cleanse myself," said the princess.

"Off to the shower with you, I need not the help of a woman! I will take the talking beasts with me and they will help me labor in the yard. Go and be beautiful silly girl." And it was at this bidding that the princess did go and bathe.

I must tell you at this point that there was much to do in this land of 17th Place and the garden was not on the list of things that must be done. It was because of this great need that the princess did offer up her services. There was a great Truffula tree that needed trimming, several sad pecan trees, and another climbing tree that was overgrown with branches and sagged and drooped into a neighboring yard. It was of these things that the princess was concerned because more often than not the prince did require her help. It was a tremendous amount of work to ask of him and the two talking beasts because, although they were great animals, they were not always the most hard working. I will explain more about these animals later on in the story, but for now, know that yard work and land tilling was not one of their favorite activities.

One would have to ask the talking animals or Prince Wilhelm what happened during the time that Princess H was in the shower, but I would suppose that all was not well. It may have started out as an adventure, but soon became tiresome and dreadful work. No sooner had the princess stepped out of the cool drizzle of the water than the talking bear had interrupted her morning routine. Now if you know the princess, you know that she has discussed with the animals that she is not to be bothered in the morning until she is clothed in the garments of her birthright. She gets quite irate when they come barging in, stopping her from enjoying fully the routine of peace and quite without talking animals. If you know the talking bear as well, you will know that it is this beast that is most aware of this ritual and would not have stopped the princess unless it was of great importance. It is because of these two things that the princess did not immediately rant at the bear and did listen intently to that which was being requested.

"Dear princess, I'm sorry to interrupt, but the prince has requested your help in the land," said the bear. The bear at this point was looking at her paws and wringing them back and forth, for the bear had heard the earlier discussion between the prince and the princess and knew how annoyed the princess would be at this bidding. She found the mockery of the prince to be quite unbecoming, but said nothing for it was not her place. She found offense in his statement too because, she being a girl, had been asked to mow on occasion, and had also known the princess to mow as well. She was a forgiving bear though, and knew that the prince meant no real harm and was probably just trying to save the princess from further labors.

Well, you can imagine how annoyed the princess must have been at this point, still dripping wet from a refreshing shower and interrupted from her sacred ritual. It is much like the annoyance that Queen Crystal (long may she garden) feels when talking animals require things of her before her morning feast. But alas, Princess H did put on her garments and did go to the bidding of Prince Wilhelm.

I will not bore you with every detail that did ensue during the next few hours. It will be good for you to know however, that Prince Wilhelm was quite appreciative towards the princess and did treat her quite well for the remainder of the day. And, in fact, Princess H was happy to be working side by side with the prince. The animals were not always as helpful as they should be, but the princess was able to race with them and give them tasks that made the work a bit more enjoyable than before. It was also a great time of branch gathering and wand making in this land, but that is a story to be told in another series.


April said...

Love it. I have been there before, though I am a much more spoiled pincess and I would never have offered to mow in the first place. I am curious about the other talking beast. Will we hear more about her later?

H said...

But of course, Repicheep was just off recovering from another adventure.

Jaylee Draney said...

Great storytelling.

Crystal said...

This was hilarious. I especially love the lines you gave to the Prince. You and Bill crack me up!

FizixMamma said...

Hysterical! I almost woke the baby laughing. You need to write these more often and I hope you print out hard copies incase (heaven forbid) something crashes and all of this is lost.