Tuesday, October 21, 2008

FHE: 8 down, 46 to go

Yes, yes. We missed FHE last week. Thanks for not harassing me about it, I was at the end of a 2 day migraine and couldn't even cope with getting out of bed really. I missed other things that week as well and am sad for that. Migraines just really kick my butt.

SO. For this week. We did it.

Proof positive that even when you are running really late, you can't use your original lesson because it's too late to get out your Halloween stuff (and who really can call that a "lesson"), AND your 4 year old runs screaming from the room because you don't follow the EXACT order of things...proof positive that you can have positive FHE and end on a good note. It was actually pretty good that Tasha left the room because I was able to include a more advanced look at "acceptance" of others and talk with Kyra about something I had wanted to discuss with her for a while. She's a sweetheart, I love her.

Our lesson was spawned from the song we sang in Primary on Sunday, "I'll Walk with You" that discussed people that are different than we are. I asked Tasha if she knew of anyone that talked different than we did, expecting her to name various students in her preschool class. She refused and pouted and this was the beginning of her tantrum. HELLO?! She attends Gett's preschool in a Speech and Language classroom, as a peer, to try to help kids with language issues! Ya think she can answer the question? NO. Then I thought about it and maybe it is so natural to her that she doesn't see them as different. Nice. I should note that she originally started to name kids that spoke Spanish and I should have accepted that as a good enough answer, but my head was all a blur and I was trying to get her to stop jamming her heel into my calf. Kyra came up with a friend of ours down the street and we mostly talked about my mom when it came to walking differently since she has recently had foot surgery and was in a "wheely" chair. At Tasha's insistance we tried to sing the song but I don't really know it and my voice is a shambles due to allergies and I couldn't locate the Children's Songbook CD's at the last minute. Tasha then said a "long prayer" (because she thinks that is the thing to do these days).

One more down! Bill's such a fine leader. Did I mention we've had scripture study 2 nights in a row?! There must be something in that Trifecta Flour. (read about it here! click on the link and go to page 2 )


Crystal said...

This sounds like a pretty normal family home evening night to me. That's about what a lot of ours turn out like. I try not to beat myself up over it and just try to keep slowly improving them as we go. I figure eventually my kids will get used to it and then it will become more of a habit and not so difficult (here's hoping). Some are good, some are bad but that's life. The Lord blesses us for our sincere efforts.

April said...

I think Halloween decorating can certainly count as family home evening. One of my favorite church videos is The Mouths of Babes. In it a little girl is asked about fhe and she says, "Sometimes we don't even learn anything, we just play games, but all the time we learn to love each other..." So true! Do what your family loves to do and talk about the gospel while you do it. It doesn't have to be so serious. And sorry about the migrains. Ack!

H said...

Thank you sistas! I'm not really beating myself up, just pointing out to my posterity how FHE in this family found it's beginnings :) We're pioneers over here ya know. Love the quote April! (Do you really think we're serious?!)

Amanda said...

Hey if you want to share your opinion, you are more than welcome to... but don't expect me to change my mind!