Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Someday all of our electronic devices will work at the same time.

Someday I will go to bed when I am tired and not stay up past my sleep time, making it impossible for me to go to bed until a much too late hour of the night.

Someday I will learn to use a candy thermometer and make toffee and other goodies that I now just dream of. It's depressing to be ignorant of this candy making skill. It is, however, probably for the best since we really don't need anymore sweets.

Someday I will buy a meat tenderizer. I used to have one and never used it. Now I don't know where it went. Again, there are many recipes I would like to make (mainly chicken ones where you roll tasty fillings inside), but I don't have the means to pound that chicken breast flat. Ugh again, big sigh.

Someday I may be as smart as my email account. I went to send someone an email with a letter for them to review. As I hit send, gmail popped up with "you wrote, 'I've attached' and do not have an attachment. Do you want to send it anyway?" Well of course not, thank you for telling me I'm an idiot.

Someday I will know all my account names and super secret passwords for important top secret web sites like Pei Wei and Walgreens photo center.

Someday, I hope, all our debts will be payed off and we'll know not to get back into debt.

Someday (soon!) tax season will be over. I won't be so busy, life won't be so hectic, and I won't have as much income. That won't help with the above 'someday' though, will it?

Someday I will know my alphabet well, and know that 8 times 7 is (49+7=) 56 without doing that little addition problem in my head.

Someday everyone in this house will stop coughing.

Today I will appreciate what I have, what and who I know, and who I love because I don't have it too shabby.