Wednesday, October 1, 2008

3 and a Half Hours later...

Tasha leaves for preschool at 8:30. The bus comes to the house and I can just stand at the door in my pajamas and watch her trot to the welcoming hand of the bus driver assistant. Aaah, sweet bus! But then what do I do with my time? Hmm, let's see:
  • Start a load of laundry
  • Send email to my husband requesting classes at UoP for re certification
  • Pick up current email
  • Get prompt response from my husband and immediately visit the AZ State Teacher certification Unit. Find what I believe to be the correct form and decide to call because I have some questions. While on hold (for 29 minutes and 58 seconds), re-read requirement form, respond several times to my husband's witty correspondence, open and compose email to the state department with specific questions related to my situation, hit send, and then hang up the phone.
  • Compose a blog post on requirements to be a teacher, how the requirements are silly but necessary, and decide that I probably ticked off a bunch of people but I don't really care. Also hope that no current or future students read said post because I called a student whiny and although it is true of many students it isn't really professional to use such a term and I should just shut up now before I get into deeper trouble.
  • Visit UoP website, check classes offered, and print out courses. Briefly check financial link but decide I don't really have time.
  • Get prompt, yet automated response from the Teacher Certification unit. Reply in an email, quoting the requirement form and requesting a specific answer to my specific question. (a little more eloquently than that though because I don't want my file flagged and thrown into the circular file never to be seen again)
  • Finish harassing my husband through email.
  • Hang up laundry that buzzed well over an hour ago.
  • Replant a few bean plants, pull some weeds off the perimeter of the garden, kick both dogs out of the garden (Are you kidding me?! Hello! Get the @*&# off my plants you stupid animals!), and throw a few more misc. seeds down just because I have a bunch of gaps where there is just watered dirt and no sprouts.
  • Water under the swing set by hand and start the sprinkler by the tree
  • Get in the shower because I am pea-you-suh, all the while composing this blog post in my head in an effort to avoid any revelation that the Holy Ghost might give me because I already have too many assignments to do.
  • Get dressed, brush hair, but don't blow dry it because although I do have to go out to meet Tasha at the bus this time, I really don't think the bus people care what I look like. They can think I'm a bum who just barely got off the couch and showered after a leisurely morning of eating bon bons and watching TV.
  • Check email. Harass husband again. Be annoyed at the state dept.
  • Type up post that I was composing in the shower and frantically hitting "publish post" before the bus pulls up at 11:55-ish, but only after using spell check to find out that I don't know that swingset is actually 2 words and "ish" isn't really in the dictionary, but also proud of myself for knowing how to spell leisure.


April said...

You are just too dang cute for words. Tee-hee! Thanks for dragging me with you last night. I needed the laughter.

Marie said...

We need to spend way more time together I just love your anticts!

Love ya sis!