Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"You Say It's Your Birthday..."

BUH, NUH, NUH, NUH. "It's my birthday too!" (Well not really, but now we've all got this great picture of Anthony Michael Hall sitting in a car with Molly Ringwald right before he asks to borrow her panties.)

Happy Birthday to Jaylee!!!

I know Jaylee will forgive me for not being computer literate enough to actually do what I wanted to do which was give her her own Google image. If I had a scanner and had any artistic abilities I would have drawn it, scanned it, and then uploaded it. But I don't. If I had some really great software I would have copy and pasted it, and then uploaded it. But I don't. So everyone put on their fabulous imagination thinking caps and picture with me the Google image, except in place of the 'o's you have Jaylee's fabulous blogger image, probably a close up version that is centered just around her head so they really look like 'o's. "Aah, how thoughtful H, you really know how to make a girl feel special."

And now go google Jaylee's full name. You will find out she's a blog stocker of all things crafty, mostly because she is in charge of Splendid Creationism Day (or something like that). She's been working on this for several months now because she has commented on strangers blogs, giving them her email address and asking them for instructions. You will also find out that she warns you about falling asleep with your mouth open in a car with multiple people (good tip), and that she wants to shut the door on the lips of her mother's stupid chickens. (Do chickens really have lips? How many of us missed that reference the first time around?! Jaylee was probably trying to be funny and it went over all of our heads.) She's got a facebook account, and her name pops up on Technorati which is something I know nothing about but Matt and April pop up on the same page. (Please don't explain it to me though, I've got a migraine already which leads me to an interesting fact about Jaylee...she's never had a headache. Never I tell you, NEVER! That's awesome and I'm not a bit jealous, really. Stupid chickens.)

That's the funny Jaylee that we all get to not know very well, and love. Then you come across this quote about a friend of hers that died as a result of a roadside bomb in Baghdad. "He was so bright and it was enjoyable to try to one-up each other on who read more books," said Jaylee Draney, a friend. "The world has too few many individuals who not only have the ability to make something of themselves, but the drive as well. Nick was one of those people." She doesn't want the world to know that she cares, is interested, or has anything but jocularities to say. But we know.

I'll spare her the further humiliation of how sweet and sensitive she is and let her continue to hide behind her quick wit and unforgettably inappropriate humor. I love her for all of these qualities! Happy Birthday Girl!

And a quick PS to anyone that I haven't done a birthday post for...the only way you get one is if you tell me about said birthday 2 days before your birthday (because I have that long of a memory), or you leave some sort of hint in an evite invitation response that I read about 2 days before your birthday (Jaylee), or I happen to read the RS birthday list about 2 days before your birthday (April). Otherwise you can sing the other party song, "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to".


Jaylee Draney said...

Thanks for making me sound like a well rounded individual. You're so sweet for doing this! And you're so smart for turning to Google to get the scoop on the "hidden" aspects of my personality. Maybe, now that I'm 31, I should consider letting my sensitive side shine through. For now though, I'm going to go cry about the fact that I'm that much closer to death.

You know, we're just all waiting in the wings for your birthday to roll around. I've already got the post started.

FizixMamma said...

Makes me wish I was still there getting to know her.

PS did my leaves get there yet?

Marie said...

I don't know why I hadn't found it before. I love Jaylee. She always has great things to say! And now I have another wonderful blog to read!