Monday, October 20, 2008

Are you SERIOUS?!

Brooke Shields on the Routan Boom. I originally googled this because I was really annoyed by the commercials for this minivan. There were quite offensive as I watched the 30 second versions, in the middle of the day, on Nickelodeon, with my 4 year old. BUT, at 9pm at night, when you see the full 4 minute mocumentary, Brooke is stinking hilarious! The fading to black and white is classic, headlines, and especially the disclaimer towards the end that reads, "Brooke did just make that up". If you have an extra 5 minutes, go watch it and read the credits if your screen is clear enough.

Bill needs to LET IT GO! Seriously.every.single.time. he watches the end of the original Star Wars he makes me watch. He makes me watch them blow the Death Star up. He bugs me and bugs me until I look up (from the computer this time) and watch it get blown to pieces and then admit that it is, in fact, "blown to smithereens" as he puts it. "Did you see that?" He asks, "There is nothing left!" The point of this rant of his is that in The Empire Strikes back they are rebuilding the Death Star and there are only fragments that are missing. Maybe Derek or Ethan can explain this phenomenon to him. (please?!) I think the Hizer's might have a very scientifically nerdy engineering explanation for him, but Ethan might talk more on Bill's level.

This is just sad. My friend says that a couple of college students took a picture of her family having a picnic because it was sure to get them an "A" on their decline of the family research project.

This is what I asked my mom to get me for my birthday. She laughed hysterically and couldn't wait to tell her friend. The best part is that she is really going to do it because she loves me and my crazy ways. She's also going to make me my favorite pumpkin cake with a scrumptious cream cheese frosting that hopefully comes with extra frosting.

I've been tagged twice, once by her, and once by her, on the same Crazy 8 list thing. I'm racking my brain trying to come up with 8 TV shows I watch so don't hold your breath. (Can I list all the Law and Order series and the CSI series separately?)

My father-in-law actually wrote an article that I understand. I still don't care a whole lot about Tech-Investing but he will be proud that he has hit his target audience... people that really know nothing about technology. He was quite disappointed one evening when I said something to the effect of, "I really just don't understand your technology stuff." And when I say "quite disappointed", I mean that his girlfriend and Bill both quickly exited the room and left me to drown in my own stupidity and a lengthy explaination as to why I need to understand it and how he is trying to write so that you don't have to have a Masters degree in Electical Engineering to invest in technology. Anyway, I can now understand "cloud computing" and SaaS, but don't ask me what the later stands for. Yeah for him and me, I get it!

There are actually people out there that still think that AIDS can (or could) be spread through saliva. Like, if a gay man was cooking your food and tasted the sauce and dunked the spoon back into the pot you could catch something from him. First, nobody should be licking and sticking if they are cooking for a crowd. Second, if in fact the man did have a disease, I would give him enough credit to take extra precautions. Third, you can't get AIDS from a licked spoon. Shall I go on?! Should we really dwell on this years later, after the man died?

Now, if you are sick of my ranting, you people must WRITE STUFF!!! that is amusing and that I don't have to think too hard about. Thanks.


Crystal said...

Did I miss it or did you mention what you asked for as your birthday present? Maybe it's late and my vision is blurry. Not sure. I don't understand technology either and my husband builds our computers by himself. I always quote this line from Titanic to him "women and machinery don't mix!" It makes him laugh and it gets me off of the hook of not knowing what the crap he just said.

FizixMamma said...

Ok so be sure to pass this on to Bill :D
If you read the novels you find out that the Emporor had the chief engineer/designer of the Death Star killed for allowing such a fatal flaw be built into the project that the rebels could blow it up. However the Emporor knows his own childish hissy-fits are common and had the engineer cloned early on in the project. So after he killed the one he relived a clone to redesign the Death Star without the fatal flaw and this is the Death Star that is under construction in the final movie. They are building an improved replacement NOT repairing the original. I think the title of the book that gives these insights is "Darksaber" but I could be wrong, I've read so many it's hard to keep them stright.