Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dear Jensen Family,

I love your blog posts. I love to read them. I love to comment on them. I love to read what other people comment on your blog. I love what Rachel says. I love what Davey says. I love to watch videos of what Sophia says and does. I love the links you post. I love the crazy Youtube stuff you find interesting. I love the list of "things that Davey finds interesting". I love the slide show of your family.

I don't love that I can never access all of these things at the same time. I can't bring your blog up on my computer. I have to to read individual posts through bloglines and then click on only that post to comment. If you have 11 posts in bloglines (like you did tonight) and I can't get to them all for whatever reason then I lose them. They are gone forever, and I am really, really sad. Does anyone else have this problem? Is my computer, or rather, are my computers the only ones that have this problem? After you took off the cost of the war things seemed fine, but then you added the fabulous slide show with all those pictures you must have scanned in because they have to be pre-digital camera age. I have other friends with slide shows and their blogs work fine. My only other thought is that it could be your PYzam flower background, which is totally cute and I don't want you to get rid of, but what good does it do if I can't read your stuff?! Aaargh! Maybe Satan just doesn't want me to be enlightened by you and has cursed my computer connection.

SO, sweet Jensen family. I had 11 posts to read. I got to "Stuff" with the crazy yo-yo guy and the great link to what is too sacred to share, but then I got booted off. I clicked onto your site by accident, the computer sent an error report and then shut down bloglines too. Please send links to the remaining posts so I know what you are up to. You know, what you are doing besides sending Sophia toppling down the stairs and praying for her sweet dreams.

I miss you all! I miss New York! Can't wait for you to move our buy a house...and send Sophia to Desert Marigold...and live happily ever after.



tempe turley said...

Helena, I use bloglines, but if I "lose" the posts, since bloglines only shows unread ones, and if they've shown up, its considered read even if you haven't, you can always click on the link of the blog and get routed directly to it...

Maybe I'm misunderstanding your problem though.

Rachel said...

Helena, you are so sweet and funny. I love you. I cannot believe you are still having that problem. I am super annoyed at it. I have a friend who complains that she missed the entire month of August and then magically September blog posts show up. WHAT THE HECK????

I'll get Davey to work on the problem, but he's pretty much at a loss. Maybe one of your readers will have ideas for us too.

Another idea is to use a google reader instead. On Reader you have all the posts forever on reader even if they get deleted from you blog. I accidentally deleted one of my posts (that big ol long one about how I almost died) and just went back a month and half on my reader, found it and cut and pasted it to repost it. Does that make sense?

So I'll send you links still though, just because you're such a sweetheart. Te quiero, Reading Lady!

Crystal said...

I have the same exact problem with the Jensen's blog too. It happens to me sometimes too. Usually when they have video footage on it then I can't read the posts. If you figure it out let me know because it drives me crazy too. I told Rachel too that I was having this problem.

H said...

Scott, if I click on the blog link there is too much there for my computer to load. It will only bring up one post at a time successfully.
Rachel, I'll try google this weekend.
Crystal, I'll let you know what works.