Wednesday, October 29, 2008

FHE: 9 down, 43 to go

Thanks to Crystal and her super cool lesson on reverence, we've kept the ball rolling on the good old FHE. We tried to get together last month but things didn't work out. She was also nice enough to do it on Tuesday night since I work on Monday nights. Thanks a bunch?

So how much do we all learn from FHE? Who really ever knows. I did pick up a few important tips and gain a little insight this evening...

1. Children's songbook CD's can help. We really don't sing well, even on songs we know so if I can plan well I might just pop that baby in the CD player.

2. Have something for the kids to be doing while the actual lesson or scripture is being taught. Keeps 'em busy and quiet.

3. Somebody else has to teach, not me! I am able to get Tasha out of her rants, but only if I'm not teaching the lesson. I suppose the alternative is to help Tasha teach a topic but that requires a LOT of prep and didn't go well the last time I tried it. hmm

I like April's comment from last week: "One of my favorite church videos is The Mouths of Babes. In it a little girl is asked about fhe and she says, "Sometimes we don't even learn anything, we just play games, but all the time we learn to love each other..." So true!"

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Crystal said...

The children's songs on CD have made a huge difference for our FHE so we do it every time to start our FHE. It usually starts everyone out on a good foot because we are all involved and singing together. We try to do one spiritual song that goes along with the lesson and then one fun song that the kids pick (usually Derek picks it). I'm glad you enjoyed it. I had fun with your kids joining us.