Wednesday, July 30, 2008

NTS: Don't blog while Hormonal

So there I was, feeling sorry for myself. Really crappy day, crappy acting kids, crappy hot car, crappy cluttered counter, then I's all my own crappy fault. I was whining to Bill as I was trying to leave so I didn't attack anyone, after I had put myself in time-out for screaming, and it hit me. I'm a crappy parent. I have really crappy days and then I'm a really crappy parent. And now I realize, I'm a really crappy blogger 'cuz none of this makes any sense.

Then I remembered how Rachel keeps telling me that she tries to laugh more since she read my laugh post. Maybe I should try to laugh. But how? Maybe one of my friends will post something really hilarious today, I think. And they sort of did. One friend posted a link to a blog that she said was "the biggest crack up". Ironic, I think that the day I want to laugh she posted it. Well, it wasn't funny. OK, kinda funny, but not LOL funny. I think that's why I didn't like it...there was too much: LOL; JJWT; BFF; *INSERT SQUEEL*; and all that annoying crap, along with about 3-4 entries stating it was her "best day EVER"! Everyday can't be the best day ever or is that your point? Everyday SHOULD be your best day ever? I'm so sick of her putting every other word in ALL CAPS! STOP SHOUTING AT ME!!! I did enough shouting of my own today, thank you.

So that didn't make me laugh. But she had a link that lead me to another link that really did crack me up. I have no idea who this guy is, obviously not the real Bishop of a real ward, but some of it was pretty funny. He's got the kind of sense of humor that Robert Farrel Smith does if you've read any of his books. Anyway, he was funny and didn't shout.

Maybe I'm just not in a Mormon humor sort of place right now. Maybe Mormons just aren't funny. I don't know, but something has to get me out of this funky, crappy, place and the brownies that the girls made are just not going to do it. Crap!

*NTS= "note to self", although this one is also a note to April. Or maybe we should just create a private hormonal blog where we can dump our crap and flush it away

Also, Bill did something to our computer so that all the writing is really gigantic. It looks like the font is set at 24pt on my computer. Does it on your end too? I think maybe Bill's eyesight is getting really bad and he won't fess up as to how he changed this to big print. It even printed funny and the Visiting Teaching message took 2 whole pages, instead of the one page of message and second page of stupid references. Boy, aren't you glad I'm not your crappy visiting teacher?!

Monday, July 28, 2008

It takes less than an hour

This afternoon, after choir practice, I came home to fix dinner. In the bathroom I found:

1. A 5inch long clump of blond hair.

2. A match on the ground.

3. A 3/4 empty bottle of eye make-up remover.

Does anyone else wonder what their husbands are doing when things like this happen?!

By the way, Bill posted "Einstein's Riddle" on his blog. Apparently I'm a genious. Like I didn't know that already, duh! Check it out at

Friday, July 25, 2008

Distance makes the heart grow stronger...

My best friend in highschool (yes, back then you had "best friends") was a year younger than I was and dated a boy that was a year older than I was. This meant that after he graduated she had 2 years of school left. He went away to school. Far away. Like he only came home when the school break was over a week long, ya know?! (Sorry about that, go back and read that last sentence with a valley girl tone, flipping your long ponytail as you say it.) Anyway, I distinctly remember a conversation I had with him as we were discussing the long-distance relationship. Some wise old man looked adoringly at his wife across the room and said, "distance makes the heart grow stronger". Her boyfriend smirked and sarcastically said, "yeah, distance makes the heart stray." Whatever! They got married as soon as she graduated, had 4 kids, have moved all over the midwest and are still together.

There is also that saying that goes something like, "you don't miss it until it's gone". Of course, this really hits home when talking about people. I haven't had a "best friend" since the above mentioned high school friend. Instead, I have many friends that I tend to share different things with according to our interests, point of view, frame of mind, and situations in life. I think we all go through phases when we know EXACTLY how someone feels. Seriously, "I know how you feel" is a true statement in the sense that we can sympathize and feel the pain of our dear friend and their situation. We would walk a mile in their shoes if only it would help them. Sometimes we try to help, other times they do better by learning on their own, and still other times we vent.

And then there are vacations. Brief interludes in our lives that we all look forward to and enjoy. But what about the people left at home?! Yikes! Did we think about them at all?

Next year we all plan our vacations at the same time. It's been like a month, ya know, and like I can't take it any more.

How to Look Good Naked

Best freakin' reality TV show on the air.

Enough said.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Text Messaging on the Liahona?

Picture writing, story telling, stone tablets, golden plates, paper, books, phones, voice mail, email, text messaging...aah, how times have changed. But is technology really all it's cracked up to be? A stake speaker at church today suggested that text messaging is not as new as we believe it to be. He recalled that words would appear on the Liahona to direct them and that was really the beginning of text messaging. Well, he got a chuckle, even from me.

I have been against text messaging for quite a while now. I have used it on a few occasions but refuse to use it as a major form of communication like so many people do. I think it is diminishing people's ability to have an actual conversation with others, causing more spelling and grammar problems, and is disruptive to classrooms, church, and meetings. i can tel when people r good at texting cuz there sentences look like this... Maybe that is being harsh (or giving them too much credit for using a complete sentence), but it seems like people are becoming stupider as technology is getting smarter. I worry about the kids today growing up in this world. I worry because acquiring these minimal technological skills and equipment seem to be a priority in their lives. If you don't believe me, ask the 5th grader who in their class has a cell phone, if it can text, if it takes pictures, etc. Ask that same student if there is anyone who takes piano lessons, is artistic, what books they are reading, etc. You will get a more animated, lively, and interested 5th grader with the first question.

The thing that worries me most about written conversations is that our youth are missing out on the intent of the message, the body language and the human contact. From what I can tell, most of us are willing to say a lot more on the computer than we are willing to say in person. For most adults this works out to be an engaging, animated discussion full of opinions and thoughtful ideas. We have already discovered (for the most part) who we are and don't need someone on the other end of an electronic device to help us form that person. As teens and preteens, they rely on the input from their peers to help them fit into their reality. I think the chances of misinterpreting an email or text is far greater than a face to face conversation. Furthermore, I think it is a lot easier to hurt some one's feelings via the Internet (My Space) or a text message than it is to say it to some one's face. If you put that technology in the hands of hurtful, vengeful, depressed, and/or hormonal teenagers I think you are doing them a grave injustice. Let's face it, some adults should not be allowed by a keyboard when they are hormonal. (You know who you are! Myself included.)

That being said, I do see the merits of text messaging. I used it once while Bill was in class and I needed him to bring something home after I had gone to bed. It was also a great tool in helping a hospitalized boy I know get on the road to recovery. His mother told everyone how much he liked the vibration of his phone in his hand so many people from school, including me, would text him periodically during the day. He was not able to speak for a while and about a week later I got a message that said: " :) Brian " No, I don't think the texting helped him re coop but it was one thing that could make us feel like we were doing something to support him, put a smile on his face, and show our genuine concern for his well being.

Do I think texting is the wave of the future? Not really, but some people do. A friend of mine obviously does because he posted a link to an article on his blog a while ago. To be honest I clicked on it, read part of it, then got bored and moved on. I just didn't find it interesting because I don't think it is all that great. But then my mind changed...

Bill's birthday was a week ago and, as usual, I wanted his son Billy to come over. We haven't seen him in a while, not even at Christmas time. It's hard to explain why things work out the way they do but let's just say Billy's mother is pretty manipulative and demands a lot from him. I never call their home phone and don't really like calling his cell phone. His voice mail always picks up, he sounds all grown up with a super deep voice, and calls himself Will. That's not the kid I know!!! So what to do?! Seriously, I ponder this all week because my stomach just churns thinking about it. Then I remember Davey's article on how everyone is texting and I know Billy does. Wah-lah! It is now Saturday, mid-afternoon, and this is what the conversation looked like:

Me: Sunday 4pm dads bday. Bomps and Maggie are coming. Love you, H and the girls
Billy: Sunday like tomorrow, or next week?
Me: Tomorrow.
Billy: OK. Ill be there. Can my girlfriend and her son come if they can?
Me: Of course. No gifts, your dad is 44 and is in denial.
Billy: Wow. He's getting old huh?
Me: Yep.

That was more or less what the conversation looked like and it all happened within 30min. Do you know how awkward that phone call would have been? First, I would have had to leave a voice message because he never picks up. I definitely would have felt like an idiot for saying, "yeah it's tomorrow and I'm a looser for waiting until today to call you". He might have been hesitant to ask me about his girlfriend. I don't know. All I do know for sure it that he came with April and her adorable 10 month old son. We had a delightful time and hope to see them again soon! Billy even called his dad on the phone a few days later but that might have been after Tasha left him a lengthy voice mail that included some singing :)

Sooooooooo, THAT my dear readers is why Davey is King!!! If it were not for his dumb article on text messaging that I didn't even read all the way through and still can't decide if I agree with or not, Bill would not have seen his son on his birthday. Aw, how sweet. Thanks Davey and don't get too big of a head. Your in laws are coming soon and they will need to get in the door!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Take a guess...

The recent bout of raining weather has made me do the unthinkable. It is against my environmental conscience, but my need to work tomorrow has driven me to the task. I haven't used it in over 6 months but I couldn't see any other way around it. I take full responsibility for not preparing better over the weekend.

Also, I have a blog post in my head titled "Davey is King". You will never guess in a million years on why I think so. In fact, I can't believe I'm admitting Davey was right on this one.

If you figure out the top one, you know me pretty well. If you know the bottom one, well, you know me better than I do.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm not a list person, BUT...

...when you pray for a miracle, sanity, no fighting, and a clean house and the only impression you get is to make a list, you do it. I don't like to make lists but I did. Then I decided to make a very specific list for Kyra. Then Tasha wanted a list. It worked! I won't go into all the details, but I have to say that was actually angry that it worked so well. Angry that I didn't think of it myself, and angry that I really have to go into so much detail.

I would have asked Kyra to take care of all the videos in the house, but here is what the list said:

+ put up the videos on the counter (from vacation)

+ put up the videos in the DVD case (from vacation)

+ put up the video that is in the DVD player (from vacation)

+ put up the videos by the TV

+ put up the videos in the DVD and VCR in the livingroom

+ put up the videos in the DVD and VCR in the bedroom

(you would think that would cover it all, but I forgot something...)

+ put up the DVD folders (that hold all the videos)

(yes, Kyra actually left the folders on the bench instead of putting them up)

I had already asked Tasha to clean up the livingroom floor, twice. When she saw Kyra crossing things off she asked for a list. I was obnoxious, said "FINE" (you know the tone I used), and sat down with a pad of paper and looked at the livingroom floor. I wrote:

+ put up the markers

+ put up the doll

+ put up the book

+ put up the skunk

+ put up the crown

+ put up the beads

+ put up the barbies

+ put up the massager

+ put up the necklace

+ put up the recorder

+ put up the recycle

+ put up the watch

+ hang up the pictures

(Tasha gratefully took the list, got a pen, and started to work. She can't read it, so she kindly asked Kyra or I what was next and continued until it was all done. Miracle!)

I know I read a list blog somewhere that made me laugh. I just don't get it, but maybe I'll do it more often...

Where to go?

When Bill graduates he has agreed to THINK about moving someplace. Where? Anyplace. There are a few guidelines that mostly have to do with the weather and sports. He doesn't want a frozen tundra like Minnesota and I don't want humidity like North Carolina. We've been to them both and know that without a doubt we would prefer the summers of Phoenix.

New Mexico was nice, but they don't have any major sports teams to follow. California is beautiful but too expensive. Funky places like Louisiana, Nebraska, Tennessee, Mississippi, etc. are out just because they are a little too foreign without actually being foreign. Although we would love to be by his friend in Florida, it is too humid, flat, and old. Texas might be OK as long as we're not in San Antonio (no Spurs!) and we do some serious hat and boot shopping before we go. Washington, Oregon, and Idaho are all good thoughts. Nevada is too much of a desert, Utah is too Republican, Montana is football-less. New York is hopeful as long as my aunt is living, but then there is no chance unless I shoot for upstate.

Chicago is probably my best bet. It is on the list mostly because Bill has an aunt and uncle there and, well, they have the Cubs and the Bears...need I say more? I would go because I think it really is my only hope to leave this inferno, but mostly because I think it would really make Bill happy. His father would be delighted to visit and it would bring his family closer together. Both of his sisters are within a days drive as well as cousin a few years older than Kyra.

Now that I am REALLY thinking about it, where do I want to go? Colorado. It's all about the weather and good health. Colorado Springs is supposed to be the healthiest city in the country. Bike and walking paths, skiing in the winter. My great-uncle Alvin and Tommy live there, as well as Tommy's kids and grandkids. I've been following the weather since I've gotten home and of course it is fabulous there. Anything would beat what we have now, but I thought the following uncharacteristic Phoenix weather compared to CO was funny: (notice the flip-flop in what the actual weather is and what it FEELS like, interesting)

Phoenix: 89 degrees, feels like 93, and 47% humidity
Colorado Springs: 94 degrees, feels like 87, and 7% humidity

So. Who has lived anywhere and can suggest a place to move?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Disney, obsessions, and the heat

My kids have me hooked on Disney channel. Yesterday I was the one that wanted to watch a made for Disney movie on TV, I know that High School Musical 3 is coming out this summer and am excited about it, and the mock-rivalry between the stars in an upcoming relay competition looks like a fun thing to see. I recognize the girl from Wizards of Waverly Place from a Zack and Cody episode and love the way Tasha tries to say the wizard show. None of us like Living with Derek, but have grown to love Hannah Montana, even with Billy Ray and his greasy hair, and especially when the Jonas brothers make cameos. I love the talent of these kids and hope that they stay innocent throughout their lives. This may be the first group of cute stars going bad that I will witness through an adults eyes and that will be sad. (Britney doesn't count, I didn't really know her in her innocent days)

I have quite an obsessive personality. When I get hooked to something, I am really hooked. I'll play Solitaire for days straight (OK, maybe weeks) until I win, a lot. Then I can give it up cold turkey. I've used this obsessive behavior in the following scenarios: blogging, cooking, cleaning, vitamin taking, scripture reading, sewing, TV watching, and eating. Obsession can be good in some respects, but in others it can be very destructive. For instance, being obsessed with salad would be good, chocolate would be bad. Yes, I've been obsessed with them both. So my question would be how can I adapt the good obsessive traits and rid myself of the destructive ones? Why can't I keep the house tidy and clean after a nice hour of scripture study instead of staying up late blogging, watching corrupt TV shows and playing cards? I'm sure I just answered my own question there, didn't I?

What is it about hot dogs? They really are disgusting but they smell so good, especially if they are cooking on a grill outside and have a little black on them. My brother stopped eating them when he was in high school and found out what was in them. My mom threatened him and wouldn't let him speak up since that what was on the menu for dinner that night. To this day I don't know, and don't want to know, so don't tell me. I eat them about 2-4 times a year, rarely buy them, and sometimes only choke down a couple of bites. I recently saw part of a show devoted to hot dogs. April, while in LA you should go to Pinks for a dog. You'll have to wait in line for half an hour or more, but they've been there for 7 decades and serve to the stars. I really wanted a hot dog while I was watching it, but now the thought makes my stomach turn. I repeat, what is it about hot dogs?!

Ahh, the ceiling fan. Sitting under it in just the right place makes the troubles of the heat disappear for just a while. It still doesn't make me think I want to spend many more summers here, but it feels nice. I'm seriously thinking of moving to Colorado Springs, CO. It was 83 degrees there today, felt like 80, and only had 21 percent humidity. They get snow and 6 months of winter, but it is nowhere near what Minnesota is like. I have extended family there, and my mom has already agreed that it would be a nice place to visit.

The final Keith reunion post

I finally got around to posting the thoughts that I had on all of my uncles. It is mostly for my mom and Bill, but my friends might get a laugh out of some of my thoughts. I think I got a few good pictures that my mom will enjoy. I'm also sure that she will laugh at the ideas that I have about these old guys. Remember, she grew up with them and is older that most, if not all of them. One morning they all sat around a table laughing in her direction. She could have been angry or offended, but she knew better...undoubtedly they were saying what a great gal she was.

Kyra sure does remind me of myself at these reunions. I remember just sort of hanging around, watching the happenings, and tagging along with some of the other kids. They always seem to have brothers or sisters with them to play with, or cousins that they know fairly well. Kyra didn’t want to come back to the hotel with us, but preferred to just watch some cousins playing some funky golf/horseshoe game. Tasha was fairly bored and quite a nuisance until the early evening when Jim Keith’s daughter showed up with her 2 daughters. Once we sat them down next to each other for dinner they were inseparable. Obviously if your choice is to sit at the dinner table with your parents, or sneak off together to play with Scooby-Doo animals, you are going to choose the later! Jim’s daughter Kathy really knows all the family and is a great person to talk to. She’s exactly 1 year older than me (minus a couple of weeks), and has the 2 girls (Ann is 4, and Lara is 1). Kathy was one of the kids that I followed around when I was early in my teenage years. We went to a rodeo one year and we think she drove, even though she would not have been 16 yet…I’m telling you, you get to break all kinds of rules out here. YEE-HAW!

I love you mom and our crazy yee-haw family!

Uncle Ray

My Uncle Ray and Aunt Darla are definitely the two people here that I know the best. I grew up visiting them almost once a year in some way or another. These past 2 nights my mom has spent a couple hours over in his room talking and reminiscing. Uncle Ray has the goods on every one and seems to have a real talent for telling stories. He got the nickname “grumps” instead of gramps as a grandpa and it fits him in a peculiar sort of way. In some aspects of life he may act like a grouchy old man, but when I see him he is mostly laughing and having a good time. I can’t figure out if he finds himself on equal ground with these uncles of his, or if he looks up to them in ways other than just physical height (he is older, but shorter). I guess I just know him as my mom’s little brother and picture him as the tag-a-long little kid at all the family gatherings. Or, maybe this is just my retribution because every time I’ve heard a story about me come out of his mouth it starts with, “I remember when little Hche…” (and his hand leans over to the ground placing me at about knee high). The last time my Aunt Darla and I were both at one of these reunions we spent most of the time in the kitchen so we could get my grandma out of it. I’ve always had a fun time with her. She has a jolly sort-of laugh, likes gossipy sort of talk, and usually knows what’s what with everyone. It seems like fun to me when you are digging up all the dirt on your own family. Is that wrong?!

Uncle LeRoy

Uncle LeRoy is the family self-proclaimed genealogist. He gave a talk this year for everyone to hear about the ancestors, which everyone knows about because that’s what he talks to you about when you sit with him. I was washing dishes when he started going and then Tasha came and got me with some tragedy so I missed it all. His brothers really do stand up for him and respect him; they round everyone up and make them sit and listen, even though they are not very interested themselves.

Uncle Tommy

Uncle Tommy is a family man. His first wife had a few kids before they were married and he pretty much adopted them after they were divorced. Now he’s got a lady (Loys) that keeps him busy playing the guitar, laughing, and enjoying life. He had a house built in Colorado Springs that is nice and big so that all his family can come visit him. I don’t think I ever saw him today when he didn’t have a smile on his face. My mom also pointed out that he has the most extended family here today, partially due to the number of people on his side. One of his kids has 2 sets of twins, another one set, and there is another set of twins due soon! (Yikes, am I glad he had a different mother than my grandmother!) I talked to several of his descendants about Colorado Springs (where most of them live) and have decided to move there. I’m working on convincing Bill of my plan and have changed my homepage to display the weather there. I know Denver has to have a better football team than us, and hope the Rockies do well this baseball season.
4 sets of twins. Uncle Melvin and Alvin are on the right, the other six are Uncle Tommy's grandkids. Woosh-ta!

My cousin Jim

Clearly one of my favorite relatives is Jim Keith. (He was TD’s son so he’s my mom’s cousin, not an uncle) He is one of the nicest, easy going-est, smartest, but humblest men I’ve ever met. In his horse-shoeing neck of the woods he is a big name. He contracts out and people hire him to go all over the world and show them the reins. He’s been all over the country, Japan, and most recently he spent a week in Alaska. Apparently he’s a beer drinker, because he’s made several references to the subject. He wants us to believe that drinking beer is a lot like the buffalo theory: when the wolves chase the buffalo they get the weakest of the herd, so by killing them off they make the herd stronger; when you drink beer it kills off several of your weakest brain cells, thus making you smarter. I’d believe it to be true for him, but I’ve known too many stupid beer drinkers to say that it works across the board. I imagine that he and his wife Carol live a pretty simple life on their 5 acres in Tucumcari, but I’m glad to hear that they are living it up a little when they vacation. She is really nice and they have a daughter a year older than I am (Kathy) who has a girl Tasha’s age (Ann, who Tasha insists on calling Annie) and a one year old. The thing that really impresses me about this family is that they are thinkers. I can’t really explain it, but I could sit and pick their brains for days and days.

Uncle Neil

Uncle Neil and Aunt Dorothy are the two that we see most of since they have a house in Mesa for the winter. My mom meets with them every year but the last time I saw them was the day Tasha was born. I went to lunch with them and my mom and had to keep getting up because my stomach hurt. They kept joking that they didn’t want me to have the baby in the restaurant. Little did I know that I would soon pick Kyra up from school, get the island counter installed, buy Kyra some shoes and then go into hard labor. Seven short hours later Tasha popped into this world! Aunt Dorothy has proved to be the most worthy Double Solitaire opponent I’ve had yet. I really have to keep focused and moving with her. Uncle Neil has a long face and personality that reminds me of the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. He’s thoughtful, kindhearted, laughing and smiling all the time. He named a couple of cousins that walked in the door later in the day and I was quite impressed since they were not his grandkids. Then he absentmindedly said, “I looked it up.” (I don’t know how you look something up before it happens but maybe he has ESP without name recall)

Uncle Alvin

Uncle Alvin is Melvin’s twin brother. I just assume that Melvin is older because everyone says his name first. Uncle Alvin also told me how Melvin used to always make him catch up to him and help him around until he got annoyed with him and told him to do it himself. Uncle Alvin seems to have an amazing memory to catch glimpses of his past, even all the way back to his childhood. He told me at the end of this evening, “I like you, I don’t know why but I do.” That’s cool, but what do you say to something like that?! I idolize these great uncles of mine and he likes me! Hat's off to this great guy who actually took his hat off for me so I didn't get a shadow on his face! His wife, Auntie Vena (as she introduced herself to the girls), took Tasha shopping at the little shop on the corner and really entertained her while they talked about all the items. Imagine a thrift store like Goodwill, pack it all into a building the size of Circle K, label most of it antique, jack up the price, and scatter like items throughout the store. I have no knack for shopping like this so all I saw was a bunch of junk.

Uncle Melvin

Uncle Melvin is the one that you will always be able to pick out of the crowd. I think he’s the tallest, loudest, got the biggest hat, and is the most New Mexico of them all. He lives right here in Logan, and although he quit ranching recently, my Uncle Ray touts him as one of the last true cowboys that you will ever meet. His trademark is his handlebar mustache. Yep, an honest to goodness loop-de-loop is what he used to wear. Now it is big and white, but I remember it being midnight black, bushy on the upper lip, slicked together down to his chin and then it circled back up to the middle of his cheek. We were looking at a 20 year old picture where his mustache is black and his hat was white. Now his hair is white and his hat is black. He hasn’t shaved it off since 1961. He and his wife Barbara make the arrangements for the reunion and do most of the main cooking. He cooks up some great beef, and Barbara cooks her heart out for us. Everyone supplements and cleans up.

"Claire is a fat lady's name"

Tasha has this cute pair of pajamas that is a shirt and shorts. The shorts are short and make her little tooshie look oh so cute. All this morning she was running around in them and then jumping on me. At one point she was laying across my lap with her bum in my face, then on my lap, then in my face, then on my lap. You know how it goes with a hyper little 4 year old. Anyway, I squeezed her little bum cheeks and asked her, "where did you get your cute little booty?" (In this house we know that Kyra's brown eyes came from me, Tasha's hazel eyes are from her father) Without missing a beat, and obviously calculating the size of her parent's bottoms, Tasha replied with, "Jesus got it to me." Oh really?! I laughed, mostly at the grammatical error of the statement but then even harder when she followed it up with, "and Jesus got you your big fat booty." Nice. Sometimes I wish Tasha wasn't so sharp and so honest.

In the movie The Breakfast Club Judd Nelson uses the line on Molly Ringwald "Claire is a fat lady's name." Ringwald's character denies that she is fat, which she isn't, and Nelson's character comes back with, "you might not be fat now, but inside there is a fat lady just waiting to come out." (or something like that) He follows it with big bloating noises and gestures that I can picture vividly. So I'm wondering if the thought can work in reverse. Could Helena be a skinny lady's name? Is there a skinny lady just waiting to come out? (follow this with sucking noises and cheeks getting sucked so far into your mouth that you have a fish face)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday, July 1, 2008 A day of Laziness

My mom got up early this morning and headed o the Albuquerque Temple for the first session. The girls and I took it easy, went to the pool, and took a nap. After Tasha and I got up we visited the Cram's at their first home in Albuquerque, NM. I figure they will be too busy moving in for a few days to post, so I have dibs on sharing pictures with their Tempe friends. When I talked with her, Amanda said they had just gotten to town about 30 minutes earlier but that she would love to have us come over. My mom questioned the visit, but I figured she was just really excited to share the space and have some guests. Tasha and I set out a while later, surprised them with a knock on the door (she thought we might be the utility guy), but were greeted with a smile. Amanda was practically giddy with delight as she gave us the tour of their empty, yet spacious home. The first is a pic outside the front archway, the second was taken from the same archway and is a view of their Penske (awaiting some help from the EQ), their quaint neighborhood, and beautiful mountains:

When we left the Cram's we went to see the Albuquerque Temple. I took several shots while we were there, but this is not one of them:

To get the above shot I actually had to drive across the street and off-road where many a (probably LDS tourist's) vehicle had driven before. Seriously, there is this little loop of tire tracks in the dirt lot directly across from the temple. You have to be in just close enough to avoid the telephone wires, but far enough to capture it all. There is no way to get the shot from the temple grounds as the front you see here is practically on the street. Another way those New Mexican's do things weird I guess. The grounds are beautiful with a lot of sitting areas, a fountain, and fabulous view of the area below.

The Country Inn, ABQ, NM

I'm sitting in the hotel's dining area while my children woof down some complimentary breakfast before we hit the bewitching hour of 9:30 when they frantically put away all the eats. It's good food so we can't complain about that. The thing you need to pick up on is the fact that I have to hook up in the lobby of the hotel because I'm not connected in my room. It was the first "sorry" I received from the hotel staff, but not the last. This staff needs the lecture that I give my children on what sorry actually means. It's not a word you say to pacify the receiver of the word, you need to back it up with some action.

Me: I'm not receiving internet in my room.

Staff: Sorry.

(wait, wait, wait for it)
Staff: You can hook up in the lobby if you want.

(clearly they really don't want me there...I'm considering parking there for about an hour while I let my kids go wild)

Me: The laundry room soap dispenser says out of order, do you have any?
Staff: Yes, there should be some in there.

(I check and see a large box at the end, assume it is full)

later that's not full

Me: You have no soap in the laundry room, do you have any?

Staff: There is a box in there.

Me: It's empty.

Staff: Sorry.

My mom goes down later to harass them about it and they say to ask housekeeping in the morning. Yes, I have my speculations that I will be able to get my point across, just because I've met many a hotel housekeeping staff.

Mom: Do you have any cookies?
Staff: No, sorry.

Mom: In the room it says you have cookies and coffee all day.

Staff: Sorry.

(wait, wait, wait for it)
Staff: We put them out at 4 and they are usually gone by 5pm. Sorry.

My key stops working, probably because I've kept it right next to my cell phone in my pocket. (not that anyone would have warned us about that)
Me: My key isn't working anymore.

Staff: Sorry.

(seriously, that was it)
Other staff: What room are you in?

Needless to say it is now the next morning, the morning that I am supposed to receive my laundry soap from the housekeeping staff. One looked at the other, they repeated soap and laundry to each other and me. Then I was walked up to the front desk... (I can't even muster the energy to pass on the wisdom that this staffer left for me)

Now I really better get some food while Tasha jumps back and forth over the wall and chair here. I'm not too concerned because if they had come through with what their hotel promised I would not be annoyed and my kids would be taken care of. The only thing that has helped keep me from strangling me some hotel staff this morning are the witty and "smat" comments from my sarcastic friend whom I know would be giving them the stink-eye with me. Hmm, if only I had some of her sons soiled diapers that I could leave behind.