Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tator Tot Floaties

What do you do when you get too many freezer items and you have no place to put the frozen tater tots that you bought for a recipe you are going to have Kyra make later this week? Well silly, you throw them on top of the ice in the ice maker that doesn't make ice, but that still aparently mixes the ice up well enough when dispensing it that it can suck the bag of tots down into the dispensing mechanism. If this happens it will jam the ice dispencer and your husband will graciously disengage the plasic bag from the metal twisty thing, all the while giving you the look that says, "are you really annoyed with ME because YOU jammed a bag of tater tots in the ice?" After you assure him that when you yelled, "BABE!" to get him to come fix this problem your anger was not directed at him, but more at the stupidity of the situation, you both laugh as you look into the ice bin. The tot bag ripped and some fell out. With the fall out came some yummy flakes, all of which could not be salvaged. Your husband fishes out what he can and says that maybe the rest will just freeze to the bottom and we can clean it out later.

HOBY! (I'll get to this later, but since it hit me I had to write it down. Plus it is just a funny way to stop what I was saying earlier and make you realize that I am switching gears now and it is the next day.)

Tasha's home now and happily water painting away. I heated up some leftover homemade chicken noodle soup from last week that really looks and tastes more like a stew even though I added at least 2 more cups of water than Crystal said to add. Oh well. I got a glass of water to drink and just laughed at the light-brown floaties BEFORE I took a sip. It would not have been funny if I had drunk any of the floaties. So much for the freezing idea. G.R.O.S.S.

Now I realize that even after a GNO and plenty of good conversation I am desperate for witty people to talk to. Where are you people?! Can't we all just live in a commune or something and get absolutely nothing done but be quite happy? Crap. I'm never going to move, who would ever understand and love me like my friends right here in PPark ward?! No one I tell you, NO ONE! Anyway, I'm desperate to talk to somebody so I try my preschooler. All I get is this:

T: What is that rabbit's name on Rapunzel? (the Barbie version which is nothing like the real version)
Me: I don't know.
T: I always call him "Toby"
Me: Yeah, that's not right but I can't remember what his name is.
T: The dragon is Penelope.
Me: Yep. Maybe we could look it up in the book. (yes, I have the book version too)
T: Yeah, go do that.
Me: I don't think so. You want to know, go look it up yourself. I'm busy. (busy heating up chicken stew and fishing tots out of my ice, eww)
T: OK. Maybe I can look in the book when I'm done painting or you can when you're not busy.

Well, I guess blogging really isn't being busy and my stew is cold again. She just finished painting so we should probably look it up together even though I figured out his name was Hoby. She's so sweet, she just showed me how she cleaned out the paint water and she has blue paint all over her arms and a splotch under her nose that looks like a booger. She looked in the mirror, came back and said with a chuckle, "I'm going to wash off the booger."

...oops, it is spelled "Hobie." We're going to go read now.

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Rachel said...

You are such a crack up. You are not allowed to leave PP ever because I am determined to come back and hug on ya'll all the time. Love you and your sweeties.