Tuesday, October 7, 2008

FHE: 8 down, 44 to go

I better post this before the feeling of euphoria leaves. My husband rocks, my family gets it, and this FHE thing really can work. I requested that Kyra give a lesson on testimonies because last testimony meeting Tasha wanted to get up but didn't really know what to do. When Bill got home from work I sent him outside with Kyra (yes, outside because it isn't blazing hot) to discuss what she might say. Tasha and I stayed inside to prepare the "treat". We had decided to have dinner during FHE this evening and made mini bagel pizzas as the treat. SUCCESS!!!

Bill stepped up to the plate, defined our evening and lead with the opening prayer.

Tasha lead the music. Yes, she lead it. Right after the prayer she said, "OK, for our song tonight we are going to sing 'Tell Me the Stories of Jesus'". I was bustin' a gut inside because she was so formal. Then she waved her arm back and forth with the Children's song book open in front of her. (While I was finishing up dinner she had gotten the book down in search of a song. She had chosen about a dozen obscure songs that I didn't know before she found this one from our Primary Program.)

Then we ate while Kyra and Dad lead us in a discussion on testimonies. We practiced giving our testimonies and then Bill did it. He challenged us all to bear our testimonies in November. Yep, all of us. After the kids got up I looked at him shaking my head and said, "Where did THAT inspiration come from?" No explanation was needed, he knew EXACTLY what I was talking about. His answer? "Well, it could only have come from one place and I'm not going to deny it."

So ladies, beware when you beg, plead, and pray for your husband to lead your family in righteousness. You never know what is headed your way.


April said...

I'm telling you, it makes you giddy doesn't it?

H said...

Giddy was not exactly the word I was looking for while staring across from him dumbfounded...

but yeah, just a little.