Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Equalibrium and Rules

I was reading The Rainbow Bridge this past week and it was talking about the 5 senses. The reference was about hearing, ear aches, and how all of this affects your balance and equilibrium. It totally makes sense, and I know as a child I had many an ear ache. You do feel strange as you try to stand up and rock back and forth. It's also the same when you get out of the pool and one ear has water in it. Weird but who cares, right? I care because this explains our crazy puppy! Sometimes I watch her walk and she hunches her back and walks all sideways. It really looks wonky if you ask me. She also runs into things more often than not. Guess what? She's had 2 ear infections (that we know of) already in her first few months of life. Poor thing. Ever since this tidbit of ear revelation Bill has been very good at cleaning her ears. Hopefully she'll stop running into things and people!

The funniest thing was telling Bill... "I was reading in this book on early childhood education and figured out what's wrong with our dog..."

It just goes to show you that you'll find the answers to your questions in the strangest places. You just have to be willing to listen and have an open mind to hear the answer screaming at you. That reminds me of one time when the kids were making me crazy and I shut myself in my room with my scriptures. They broke through the door and were so completely pestering that I yelled, "would you stop already?! I just want to read this and I've tried to read the same verse 5 times now!" Why was I stuck on that verse? Because the answer was right there screaming at me! It specifically said that I needed to set up clear rules that should not be broken. Wa-la. It worked for a while. Clearly I need to set some more rules...

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btg said...

Wonky? Is that an industry term? This still doesn't explain why Zoey will back up about 10 feet and slam her body into the door to let us know she wants in...a simple scratch will do!