Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Handsome Prince in this Town

We're driving down 48th street and Tasha sees a new building going up. It is surprising because we drive down this street quite often and there was nothing there the last time.

T: Wow, that building is quick.

Me: Yes, you're right.

T: Mom, who built this town?

(heh, heh, I'm laughing because I just start singing in my head...and then out loud in answer to her question)

Me: We built this city. We built this city on Rock and Roll!

T: What?

Me: We built this city on Rock and Roll!

T: What's that?

Me: Rock and Roll, that's music. We built this town on music.

T: Mom, that's silly.

Me: Yep. Music didn't really build the town.

T: Who did?

Me: I don't know, lot's of people I guess.

T: No. Heavenly Father built this town.

Me: Oo. That's a really smart answer.

T: I was just testing you mom.

(I guess I failed)

Later that day while having a snack with her friend Justin...

T: Mom, every time I see Justin he looks handsome.

Me: Oh really?

T: Yeah, every time at church he looks handsome.

Me: Just at church then.

T: No, he looks handsome right now too.

Justin is now blushing and smiling. (Yes, he was inbetween us for the whole conversation which made it all the more cute!) And I love that he insists on wearing his homemade crown everywhere. Way to go April, he's a handsome Prince! Insert totally cute picture of Tasha and Justin with his crown. I'm too lazy to go hook up the camera, and it wasn't as cute as it could be... they both insisted on shoving food in their face right when I snapped the shot... all THREE times! Big nerds that they are, I love 'em anyway.


btg said...

Ryan and April,

Because of said conversation involving your son, I hereby request a sitdown meeting with him as well as the two of you.

Davey said...

That is so funny, H.! I've been missing you bad lately. I think it's because the weather is turning and it's just not as easy to feel happy when it's cold outside. It makes me want to be fanning myself on your porch watching you garden instead. Gotta love blogs!

H said...

Rachel, I love and miss you too. Yes, you do have to love blogs... without which we may not have become friends :0. Our little section of the ward is counting down 'til you come "home". May, right?