Friday, January 29, 2010

Poo Update, for Sara

I thought buying size 2 Huggies diapers would put an end to this poo mess. I was wrong.

Yesterday morning I nursed Payton in the van before I went into Einstein's to meet a friend. While nursing, he pooed. He pooed a great poo and after he finished I lifted him up to see a nice little yellow spot about the size of a quarter on my jeans. Really? The velocity at which this child shoots out the poo is amazing! That diaper was not full when he shot it straight in and up the back, onto his WHITE onsie and onto my pants. Jerk. Good thing I had a spare change of clothes... for him. I got to meet my friend with poo stained clothes. Yay me.

Payton pooed 4 times this morning before 10am! Only one of them made it out of the diaper and onto his jammies. Maybe the Huggies are working better than the size 3 generic brand.

I bought new sheets today at Ikea. Navy Blue to hide the poo. (Wasn't that a cute little rhyme there?)


Crystal said...

Yay for extra sheets! That's always been a must for me and my boys exploding newborn pooh diapers. I always say that boys pooh is more likely to go up their backside because they have road blocks in the way that prevent it from going down to the middle of the diaper. by the way, the one thing I like about Ikea - their sheets!

H said...

Yep. Further update... he pooed 2 times last night, both escaping the diaper. The first one was totally full of pee so it went up the back. The second was shortly thereafter and it was shear quantity and velocity that made it shoot out the side. I'll wash my new sheets today and put them on.

Why does discussing my baby's poo make it feel easier to deal with? Share my joy and pain I guess.

Sara said...

I have never experienced baby poo like that. You have my full sympathies!

Amanda said...

You know what I thought of when I read this? "Wow. She uses disposable diapers??"

Hahahahaha. I am teasing you a little bit, I know about your earthy mama tendencies. Although I will say that with all that poo I would definitely not want to worry about washing diapers. :)