Thursday, January 7, 2010

Disney w/ Cyrena

I love that Cyrena knows what she wants. Jedi Training camp? No thank you. Cyrena has been there and done that so why would she sit around waiting for that to happen again if she could be off riding the carousel? I took her and Tasha over to a couple of rides while everyone else hung out trying to get Ethan chosen as a Jedi to fight Darth Mal. Cyrena also doesn't like the Star Wars ride because it "makes my head bobble", she says as she shakes her head around a little.

Payton was screaming when most everyone was watching a 3D Bugs Life show so I missed it. I guess something happened where Cyrena wasn't able to see it all either, Jared was off getting a fast pass, and Ethan wanted another look. The 4 of us went back in to what I consider the best 3D show I've ever seen. Cyrena really liked it and was careful not to spoil it for me. To say I freaked out at the end, when the roaches crawl under your butt, would be an understatement. I screamed and jokingly scolded Cyrena for not warning me. She was so silly trying to defend herself and telling me it wouldn't have been any fun for me. I know what she was really doing, she was messing with me and wanted to see me scream like a little girl! It worked and I will hold it against her until I get her back.

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Crystal said...

Yep, Cyrena is good like that. She cracks me up with this stuff!