Sunday, January 17, 2010

Payton is a Gem

This little kid of mine is super empathetic. I swear he has a sixth sense for when I'm feeling down or sick or hurt. He becomes this lovey dovey snugly boy and doesn't fuss a whole lot and sleeps when I need him to sleep. Last night I started getting a migraine and he fell asleep early. I couldn't fall asleep with the pain and was really worried that by the time I did get to sleep he would wake up and want to play. He did wake up just as I was getting ready for bed, but he nursed and went right back to sleep. For hours. Again he woke up, nursed, and fell to sleep. He does this often, but not usually starting at like 6pm. What a miracle child. Bill even did the chatting bit with him this morning around 3am so I didn't have to get up. Then he slept until I needed to get to my early Ward Council meeting, nursed, and hung out happily at home.

Later during the day he took a nice long nap. I was able to lay down for while, see our home teachers, then lay down again. He just liked hanging out on the bed and talking with us too. Just now he gave me lots of hugs and I think he even leaned in for a kiss at one point. Oh wait, that was him chewing on my nose. Silly boy with milk breath. Thanks for being so sweet.

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