Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crazy is as Crazy Does

How funny is it to watch people in their cars? You know, when they are dancing and singing to music that you can't hear? It's hilarious and sometimes I try to determine what kind of music they are listening to. But, in the beginning, before you realize they are keeping a beat, they just look like loonies making weird faces and flipping their bodies into convulsions.

Yesterday, was one such instance. The difference was I knew this person and he wasn't jammin' to any music. I could tell. All I saw was a very animated face chatting it up to himself. His eyebrows were going and he was nodding his head and he looked very pleased with himself. What a weirdo, I thought. For one small instance I thought that this person I respected and admired had lost his marbles. Then I chuckled and called his wife. "Did ----- just leave and does he have your son with him?" She answered in the affirmative. Whew, relief. He's not loosing it. I then related the story to her and how I couldn't see their son in the backseat but that her husband was clearly entertaining him on their drive.

So there you have it. Even when our children aren't making us crazy they are making us LOOK crazy. Oh well, ya gotta love them.


mamamuniz said...

That is too funny. I am the one singing for all I am worth and jammin' out in my car! Ooops, guilty. What a funny story about your friend. I used to think people looked ccrazy when blur tooths first came out, those got me a few times.

mamamuniz said...

Um "crazy" and "blue" tooths, whoops.