Thursday, January 7, 2010

Disney w/ Bill and Jared

Kids at heart, Bill and Jared spent quite a bit of time entertaining the crew of kids that could ride it all. Here Jared is riding the scary caterpillar through a scent filled jungle of half-eaten fruit. Oh, just kidding, I'm pretty sure even I can run faster than this ride moved. This was our low-key day in Bugs Land over in CA Adventure. I love how the kids ham it up and throw their arms in the air to make it more thrilling. Silly kids.

Here's Bill whistling nonchalantly as he walked away from putting Tasha up on some decorations we're sure were not to be climbed on. Oh well, it made for a cute picture.

Probably the best part of this vacation for me was listening to Bill and Jared be guys. Guys are such dorks, in the sweetest sense of the word. They would be laughing so hard at dumb comments and ridiculous ideas. My favorite, the one that I witnessed first hand, was when Jared took a picture of Bill taking a picture of Tasha. She was trying to be asleep in the stroller that was meant for Payton, it was dark, and Bill's camera doesn't have a flash. These smart guys have the brilliant solution that if Jared uses the flash on his camera, and Bill times it just right, the phone will take a nice shot as well. Weirdos. I don't know how many tries it took to get it just right, but they got to laughing pretty good and it was music to my ears. (Which was good for my aching feet!)

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Crystal said...

I didn't hear a lot of their silliness but that one made me laugh too. Only an engineer would say "hey, if I use my flash then you can take a picture at the same time and it will be COOL!" Maybe they threw a "dude" in there, I'm not sure?