Thursday, January 7, 2010

Disney w/Derek

If it weren't for Derek on this vacation, I would have strangled Tasha. This picture shows what they were good at... climbing. Did you know that there are walls and ropes and chains and planters and all sorts of things to climb on while in line for rides at Disneyland? Well, there are, and if it was there, they climbed them. I don't know why Tasha didn't see these obstacles when we went without Derek, but she didn't. Tasha adores Derek and would follow him on anything. The fun part was when Derek was game for Space Mountain. I don't know if it was because Tasha was going with or without him, but he conquered his fear of this dark, fast, and scary ride. Crystal and Jared had been able to ride it the night before so Bill and I took all the remaining kids that were brave enough. Derek was going to stay behind with Ethan, but decided to man-up and give it a go. He LOVED it... right until we went to look at the picture and he was the only one that you couldn't see. So sad because you would have seen him with a great big smile on his face! Too cool.

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Crystal said...

where did you take this picture at? It's so stinking cute!

I am still amazed that my son who has a fear of all roller coasters actually said he loved Space Mountain!