Thursday, January 7, 2010

Big Love

I'm a Mormon. A real Mormon. The kind that follows an actual prophet of God, Thomas S. Monson and the ones that came before him. I belong to the true church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I'm not a RLDS Mormon that follows a reorganized (hence the 'R' in RLDS) group from the original Joseph Smith clan. I'm not one of those Mormon's that live somewhere between AZ and Salt Lake in a teeny tiny town that gives you the heebie geebies as you drive through. And I'm clearly not one of those Mormons that shack up with a couple of other wives, one husband, and live in a cult-like community with some crazy lunatic trying to get into every one's minds and pants. Ya know?

I'm not sure what this show, "Big Love", is about. I heard a while back that they were going to show a temple wedding in an actual temple-like setting. I never pursued looking any of it up because frankly, Hollywood screws everything up, and HBO really doesn't do much better. They are good at making me laugh though, and this show got grandiose chuckles from me last night. I wasn't really watching it, because I couldn't actually watch it, watch it. I was working at the computer and glancing over and listening when I thought I could tolerate it. It has an amazing cast which is what intrigued me to keep it on. I just really, really hope that there aren't people out there thinking that this is what LDS life and culture is about. Who am I kidding, I know there are. Oh well, what can I say?

As best I can tell, Bill Paxton is married to at least 3 women. Hey, if anyone could pull it off it would be him, right? I'll call them Wife1, 2, and 3. Wife 1 is Jeane Triplehorne, Wife 2 is a sad looking frizzy haired lady who's father is in prison for running this cult, and Wife 3 I confused as his daughter at first. Here's the scene that cracked me up...

All the wives are going at it because Wife 2 is all bent out of shape. She's uptight and high strung because her father is in prison and may be for life, I guess. Bill steps in to calm things down and says they should all back off because Wife 2 is under a lot of stress. (Or something like that, I wasn't paying close attention until now)
Wife 1: You're right.
Wife 3: Yeah, you're right.
Wife 1: In fact we've decided that until this trial is all over she (Wife 2) should have our nights.
Wife 1 and 3 share a smirky glance. Bill and Wife 2 share a horrified glance.

Freakin' hilarious! She can have "our nights"!!! It took me a moment to put that together. Flash forward now to their night together. Bill and Wife 2 are sitting at the dining room table playing cards.
Wife 2: Give me your 5's.
Bill: Here.
Bill: Do you want to make some popcorn?
Wife 2: No.
Wife 2: Do you have any Jacks?
Bill: No. Go fish.
Bill: Do you want to have sex with me?
Wife 2: No.

Other than these two scenes I really couldn't focus on this show. It mostly looked like a bunch of emotionally traumatized women and girls that were being manipulated by who knows who. Sad really. The dad in prison was played by the guy that played Molly Ringwald's father in Pretty in Pink. He looked even worse in this show, if you can imagine that. Oh well, that was an hour I could have spent not watching something else.


Amanda said...


Yeah I don't approve of that show for the same reasons you don't.

Anyway that is some funny writing. "She can have our nights" smirk smirk.

That is funny.

Anonymous said...

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