Thursday, January 7, 2010

Disney Eyes

As we were leaving Disneyland the first day one of the employees patted my son's butt (he was nestled asleep in the sling where he spent most of his time) and asked if it was his first time here. I chuckled at the thought that a 2 month old would have been there multiple times already and answered, "well yes it is. In fact, it is all of their first time," pointing to the girls as well.
What? 11 years old and she's never been to Disneyland before! Deprivation, I tell ya. Poor kid. Oh well, she was delighted and waited several days to find just the right pair of Minnie ears to purchase with her Christmas money. Then she wore them proudly for the remainder of the trip, tucking them away in the stroller for each roller coaster and fast rides that she could not get enough of.

And then there was Tasha. Gung-ho Tasha who was game for any and every ride... as long as it didn't involve standing in line. Well, you can imagine how that went. It turned out that the Matterhorn was our favorite ride because we learned how to make use of the companion pass and were able to ride it several times in a row without much wait in between rides. Well, it was that ride and Splash Mountain. We caught the splash early New Year's morning when everyone was still in bed. We got to the end and there was nobody waiting so they let us go right on through again without getting out. WooHoo!
BRAVO children! You are true Durrenbergers. We LOVE the fast, scary, and thrilling rides. Bring it on.

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