Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Conversation You Won't Hear in the Sauer House

Tasha yells to Kyra as she is walking past her bedroom door down the hallway,
"Aaah, I hurt my penis!"

Kyra, exasperated, "You don't HAVE a penis!"

Tasha argues back, "Yes I do!"

Kyra, sort of chuckling in a duh kind of tone, "NO, ya don't."

Tasha gives in, "Oh yeah, I don't. I have a vuh-JIE-nuh!"

I'm still laughing. Who raised these girls?


Ryan said...

I could so hear Kyra saying that with the same inflection as you use, "NO, ya don't." I love it!

Crystal said...

My kids went through the same type of stuff trying to figure what anatomy parts they had and didn't have. Cyrena went through a phase of drawing our family pictures with all of our genitalia drawn on the pictures so she could keep it straight. It was pretty hilarious but I had to hide those family portraits when certain church members would come over. I kept some of them because I thought they were cute. Sick, I know.