Thursday, January 7, 2010

Disney w/ Crystal

Yep, as you can imagine, this is how Crystal and I spent much of our time in Disneyland... with our smallest children snuggled up against us. Fortunately, these little guys (the 2 in the picture that are hiding from view) were able to go on many a ride while sitting on our laps or soundly asleep in the sling.

The funnest part of this trip with Crystal were the few moments that we were able to sneak away without Brandon and Payton and enjoy some rides with height restrictions. One morning we got there early and raced over to Indiana Jones and Thunder Mountain while the rest of the crew went to Fantasy Land and rode the kiddie rides. Later, after everyone else had gone on CA Soarin' while Brandon played in and ate some dirt and Payton nursed, we were able to utilize some fast passes to get that thrill as well. But the funniest part was the last night when the guys surprised us with a couple of companion passes for the Matterhorn. We had been saving a spot by the castle to watch the fireworks when they came back and gave us those. You don't have to tell us twice! We were out of there and on that ride as fast as we could. Now, apparently 2 guys sharing a bobsled on this ride are gay, but 2 girls can get away with it. That was a good thing because that's what made this ride a hoot! We've always done it with a little kid in front of us so we could see what was coming. It's a whole different ride when you can't see in front of you. We each got a turn being in front with our knees squished and in the back riding blindly. Fun, fun, fun I tell ya!

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Crystal said...

It was hilarious when I was in back because I couldn't see and when I was in front it cracked me up because you were screaming and hollering in my ear. That was the most I've ever enjoyed that ride. I was smiling about that one for days afterwards because it was such a funny experience!