Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh Where, Is My Hairbrush?

Tasha comes bouncing in the kitchen this morning with her hairbrush and declares, "look, I found my brush!" This is after both girls had decided that they left their brushes in California. This is also after I unpacked the suitcase that they had put said hairbrushes in the very day that we got back. Where did I put the brushes? Where they belong, of course. Why did it take her 5 days to find her brush? Nobody knows, but Sunday I had to tell Kyra the whereabouts of her hairbrush as well. Anyway, this was a funny morning conversation...

"Look, I found my brush" Tasha declares to Kyra.
"No you didn't. I did! It was in the suitcase that you packed it in." I butt in.
"Really?" Tasha asks.
"Yes. You and Kyra both 'lost' your brushes right where you put them. I found them and put them up right where you keep them," I reply in a kind and jovial manner.
Silence from both girls.
"Dorks!" I add for good measure.
"We're dorks and dad and Brother Lee are suckers," Kyra says.
What? What is she talking about? How did those guys get involved in this conversation?
"What are you talking about?" I inquire.
"You said they were suckers," she answers.
"No I didn't. When? What are you talking about?" I'm seriously confused, but it's still early and I'm not quite awake yet.
"When we were at Disneyland and they were buying us each a stuffed animal. You said they were suckers," Kyra recalls from that perfect memory of hers that only seems to work when it comes back to bite me in the butt.
"Yes. Yes, I did call them suckers. They are and you two are dorks."
More giggles.

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