Thursday, January 28, 2010

Disney w/ Kyra and Tasha

This is pretty cool that I get to write a post about a fun time that I had with BOTH of my girls. And, to top it off, it was a time that they CHOSE to hang out with me when they had the option to go with their friends. Now, granted, I didn't make the other option sound very good, but they did choose me and their dad. I think I said something like, "would you rather go on some super slow sucky Nemo ride where you have to be all enclosed in a submarine underwater and just look at a bunch of fish that you've seen in the movie, or do you want to go on an awesome log ride where we get to scream and zoom down a hill and get splashed and have fun?"
My girls LOVED Splash Mountain and so did I. It was better than I remember it and better than the water ride we went on our first day because we didn't get soaked this time around. It was PERFECT, I tell ya, P.E.R.F.E.C.T. It was New Year's day, 8am, and everyone else in CA was sleeping apparently. The night before there was a 70 minute wait to get on this ride but that morning we walked on. The log that holds 6 people was occupied by just us 3, so it wasn't so heavy that we dumped hard into the water and got drenched. I wasn't sure if Tasha would like it or not but she absolutely did, even with the chill in the air and the mist on her arms. After the final dive at the end both girls were giggling and smiling with delight and both were wishing they could have sat in the front. We were giving each other high fives, feeling sorry for all the suckers that didn't want to ride it because they would get wet and cold, and loving the fact that we were together. To top it all off, we got to the drop off zone and there was nobody waiting to get on. The lady in charge said, "do you want to ride it again?" There were two enthusiastic "YEAH"'s before I could even turn around and see if they were up for it. I just love that my girls are all about the fun, fast rides and I'm grateful that Bill was fine taking care of Payton while I got to have this memorable time with them. Too bad the pictures I took were on my phone, the one that broke.

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