Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Vacation is over!

Up at 6am (I guess it's really 9 NY time, I slept in)
Started laundry
Scriptures (thought this might help, it didn't)
Dressed, hair, make-up
Supervise kids getting ready (which seemed to be more difficult than usual!)
Hang up laundry
Check email (thank you Bill for dumping the junk)
Leave for orthodontist
Get re-routed due to traffic (man I wish we had subways)
8:45 appointment, barely made it!
Let kids have ice-cream for breakfast (thanks to the ortho)
Drive to school (1 hour, round trip)
Drive by grocery store which appears to be out of business
Straighten up living room
Bring in and put up laundry
Water lawn
Make lunch
Eat lunch
Clean up from lunch
Play Hungry Hungry Hippos
Play Tasha-version of Chinese Checkers
Find closed-toe shoes for Tasha (as she whines because she can only find 1 Dora shoe)
Drive Tasha to preschool
Drive to school
Listen to the gas ding for the 4th time, I'm on empty
Pass out packets for end-of-the-year teacher gift
Drive home
Listen to Kyra complain that she hasn't done a single section of her report
Question Kyra on what she did this weekend
Listen to her cry because she did nothing
Turn up the radio
Drop off Kyra at home so she can work on her report/homework
Send reminder to parents about the end-of-the-year teacher gift
Pick up Tasha
Buy gas
Grocery store (with Tasha, it went fine!)
Help Tasha in the shower
Help Kyra make dinner to take to school tomorrow (why did this project have to be today?!)
Feed kids (from the dinner Kyra is taking...good thing it's a big recipe)
Do the dishes
Clean the counter
Start to blog
Get interrupted 3 times even though there is a movie on to help me gain some sanity
Feel completely overwhelmed because the night is not even close to being over...

Next up:
Kids to bed
Put Kyra in Tasha's room because there seems to be an ant farm on her bed
Don't forget to be the tooth fairy
Finish notes for class tomorrow
Clean off table
Sweep and mop if possible!
Shower again?!
Finish that book I tried to read before I had to be a hungry hippo
*deep breath* Don't forget to breathe


The Turley Times said...

Welcome to vacation aftermath...hope it was worth it. ;-)

April said...

Man, you are one busy bee. Relax, take a 15 minute hot shower, heck make it 20 minutes! You deserve it.
PS We had an ant farm in Justin's room when Cyrena was living here. It ended up being her first spiritual experience because she prayed that she wouldn't be scared. Usually when I try to get Justin to do that he just yells at me. Nice! Good luck with the farm.

Rachel said...

Are you kidding me? That sounds so hard. Being a mom is so hard. Have I said that being a mom is hard? What the heck?