Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jabber, jabber, jabber, jabber, jabber

Not only is movement making me crazy, but incessant talking is too! I can have a conversation with a 4 year old, or listen to a 4 year old, or even break up a fight a she may be having with another child. BUT, what do you do when the other child she is talking to doesn't talk back?

I watch a 18-24 month old little boy once a week (we'll call him M, short for "The Brother of Jared"). Is it bad that I don't know his exact age?! Anyway, Tasha mothers him like a Nazi sometimes, completely out of love and concern. She follows him around picking up the magnet that he dropped, giving him his drink, shutting the door, opening the door... Like I said, all this moving is making me insane but add the talking on top of it and my head is really spinning.

At the lunch table (while getting up and down 5 times and moving her chair back and forth 3 times):
"I think M wants some of my lunch"
"I think M wants outside"
"I think M wants a drink"
"I think M likes me"
"I think he wants more sandwich"
"Good boy" (that one was actually directed at M)

After M gets down from the table but before they go outside:
"He was hugging me, that was so sweet"
"He has another booger"
"Gimme that" (chasing him with a tissue)
"There, got all the boogers"
"M cried, I didn't do anything."
"Here M, want a cracker?"
"Here M, here, here M..." (is he a dog, or a parrot?)

After they go outside and Tasha decides it's been long enough:

"M, you want in?" (again, this sounds like she's talking to the dog)
"M, come on."
"M is never going to listen to me." (exasperated beyond belief)
At this point she shuts the door with M outside. Hello! She never shuts the door! How can I keep the mothering-door-shutting part of her alive, and stop her nagging?

Then the ultimate question comes...where did Tasha learn these behaviors? I definately see her acting like Kyra does. Then we ask...where did Kyra learn these behaviors? Well, it could not possibly have been from me. And did I mention that all the above talking and action happened within 20-30 minutes?! Seriously, more kids?! I don't think so.


Monique said...

Well at least she isn't poking (eyes are a favorite), bopping, smacking, yelling, or otherwise being a bully to little M...

That is so not that Tasha that I know (and love BTW), but it is really cute. :)

tempe turley said...

I always think the exact same thing when I have an extra one around!