Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"I want to be in the grass"

This is the phrase that I heard Tasha say to me while she was sitting in the backyard dumping the piles of sand out of her shoes. I apparently did not hear her correctly because when I responded with, "I don't care," both of my children were surprised that I agreed. Kyra was at the computer and said, "mo-om!" like it was the craziest thing I'd ever said. I remember her saying it now that I think about it, but I really wasn't paying close attention to either of them. Yes, that's terrible to admit, but I was making dinner. I can't boil water and think at the same time!

Tasha runs inside, puts up her shoes and socks (THAT is amazing) and comes back through the kitchen with flip-flops on. Smart kid, there are thorns in the grass. But a few minutes later I'm prompted to look out the back door, which Tasha has left open. Yep, now it dawns on me what she said. No wonder they were surprised that I said it was OK.

Can you guess which word I misunderstood?!


Rachel said...

No I have no idea, am I real slow? It's actually driving me crazy. Please tell me. Now.

H said...

The word I misunderstood was "be"...