Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My little reader

This here is my adorable daughter, Kyra. She reads. A lot. She wakes up early in the morning, gets ready for school and then, reads. After she takes her shower at night, she reads. If I let her bring the book in the car on the way to school, she tries to read. (her sister won't let her, which is why I don't let her bring it) If the book makes it to the car she tries to read on the way home from school, but I won't let her because I have her to myself for a whole 20 minutes! But, she WANTS to be reading. I love her. And, I love that she loves to read!

In this picture she is reading either the 6th or 7th Harry Potter book. I can't keep track. She's read them both this year, just finishing the later. That's crazy! I love that my 9 year old is not intimidated by a 600+ page book. I love that we have something literary to talk about, because I love the Harry Potter series. When the fourth book came out Billy really wanted it because he had read the first three. I decided to read them too so I would know what he was up to. I caught up to him in about a month and I don't know if he ever did finish that book, although his grandma bought him all the rest. He has kindly passed them on to Kyra. I'm sure she skips or doesn't understand at least 1/4 of the vocabulary, but she understands most of the context.

Here she is doing some homework while she eats dinner. The assignment was to listen to a book on tape. Like her mother, she needs the actual text in front of her to get it. What a cute kid!

This past weekend she realized that she had a report due in a couple of weeks and she had not started writing any of it at all. (She had read quite a bit of information, but hadn't written a thing) She did a little freaking out, in typical Kyra fashion, but then we convinced her that 2 weeks was still a ways off. Later that day she said, "I've been reading WAY too much Harry Potter." I have to agree since I couldn't seem to catch up to her. She finished the final book Monday and has decided to give them a rest for a while. Now she's re-reading a dog book for the 3rd or 4th time. Again, like mother, like daughter.
Of course, this love of reading sometimes gets in the way of things like chores and getting places on time. On occasions I have wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, "STOP READING ALREADY!" But I quickly regain consciousness and realize how utterly ridiculous this would sound and I don't. I will say that her last book had a sticky note on the cover so she would remember to do several things (like brush her teeth!) BEFORE she sat down to read. I just love that kid.

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Jaylee Draney said...

I hope hope hope that Emma is a reader. Since I was an only child, reading was the only form of entertainment. I actually don't know how to relate well to people that don't have a love of reading.