Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thank You Rachel!

Well, as you are probably well aware, I'm in "vacation aftermath" mode (as Sara calls it). Yes, I'm paying my dues for being gone. It isn't really that bad here at the home front, I just have responsibilities that can't be put off. I've had thoughts swarming around in my head while I've been running here and there, but no time to put them to the computer. I'll admit, I was blogging in my head while I was in New York, but again, no time to stop and write. When I got on the plane to head home on Monday I did the unthinkable...I took pen to paper and started writing my thoughts on the experiences of the previous 3 days. I'm not sure it's a blog post, we'll see. Until then you can find my journey with the Jensen's at their blog...

Thanks Rachel, for putting into words and pictures my thoughts exactly. I'm not sure I can add more to her spurts of observations, because that's what New York is, one big observation! Oh, what lovely memories to file away until next time!

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Rachel said...

You are very welcome. Isn't it nice when two people just want to say thank you to each other, back and forth, over and over? I love that and I love you!