Friday, April 4, 2008

My Made up Prophet song...

Since two of you brought it up...
(Sing to the tune of "The more we get together")

The more we hear the Prophet, the Prophet, the Prophet,
The more we hear the Prophet, the happier we'll be
Thomas S. Monson is our modern Prophet
The more we hear the Prophet, the happier we'll be!
Tasha started humming this song on the way home from school today and when I sang the WRONG words to it she politely corrected me. We then continued to sing the Prophet version and she was trying so hard to learn the "hard part". I'm proud to say, I think my 4 year old can now pronounce our new Prophet's name.
I'm glad Rich enjoyed my goofy song, and thrilled that Justin was singing it on his own! Maybe someone is listening in sharing time, woohoo! And now, so this blog isn't all about me...Justin was the man in Junior Primary who came up with our new Prophet's name. He's 5. That's just plain awesome, especially since the guy giving the opening prayer in Sacrament meeting almost said Gordon B. Hinckley. Kudos to April for her clever home-made Prophet matching game! (hey, do they still make those Kudos granola/candy bars anymore?!)


The Turley Times said...

Somehow, we did not hear about this prophet song in our house this week...although we never hear all that much about what happens in primary. Sounds like fun, though!

Monique said...

Yeap, knew about the song. LOL My kids were singing it all week. Good job!

Jaxen goes, what was I prophets name again? Ember says "Thomas". Well, that is a start, right?