Tuesday, April 22, 2008

*(insert emotion or quote here)*

What the crap are asterics being used for these days?! I only recall one use for asterics.* Obviously I'm not techno-advanced enough to figure out some of these new signs and symbols and my observations are not putting it all together yet. *sigh* I guess I'm an idiot. (Was that used correctly there?) Is this a way of letting our readers know what is happening on the other end of the computer? *fart* I suppose it is good in some respects since we can't always read the sarcasm in the typed word. *stifled laugh* But I was reading something and someone put the asterics around a comment or a quote, I couldn't figure out which. *confused look* Maybe it is supposed to point out the writers main point or strongest feeling, *people really shouldn't blog when the are angry, hormonal, or both*.

*in my day, asterics were used to lead the reader to a comment that was either: not necessarily a part of the main paragraph; or too lengthy to insert into the actual sentence. More to the point, it would distract the reader from getting the main point of the author's writing.


Rachel said...

Reading that post was a wonderful way to start my day. It made me *Laugh*! Oh wait I'm pretty sure that was an incorrect astrick use. *Sorry*

April said...

Yeah, you should really do something about your ongoing problem to blog when you are angry or hormonal. It's irritating. *snicker snicker* *pointing to self*

Matthew J. said...

Oh you haven't seen anything yet.
When it comes to the slash or /, there are a million usages. It can be used in math. 21/3=7. It can be used within websites to show different parts of a website. http://www.google.com and http://www.google.com/blog are two entirely sites. (apologies if google doesn't have a blog).

Finally when playing games or in general internet chat, the slash can be used to show an action that you are taking (it is called an "emote").

When you intend to show yourself doing an action, you should put in a / and then the action. So if I was leaving, then I might say...


and then you would


so... /wave

H said...

Dear April,
According to Matt the correct punctuation would be:
*snicker snicker*
/pointing to self

Rachel, I'm glad you were amused...at 4:30 in the morning?!
/eyes really big
/mouth gaping open