Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Lucky Recipient

I have to say that you haven't officially been welcomed into your own home until you answer that first telemarketing call. Yes, even in the day and age of caller-id, I do, occasionally, answer the unknown callers ring. This time, and more often than not, it was a foreign voice that greeted me with a very pleasant intonation. If it were not for this kind demeanor and her correct pronunciation of our last name I would have cut her call short, very short. But, as it was, I had a bowl of ice cream in hand and decided to let her have at her lengthy introduction to what would soon be an invitation to yet another lengthy presentation to some kind of time share. She let me know right off that I was a "looky ree-ce-pee-int" and proceeded to tell me of several fabulous items that would be mine for simply answering her call. Her long-winded phrase ended with a question. I wanted to start by saying, "I don't even know what a 'looky ree-ce-pee-int' is" but all I could muster was a half-heart, "huh?" Boy was she on the ball. She went right back to the beginning of the sentence and repeated the whole line! It ended with, "wouldn't it be fabulous to have this wonderful vacation free of charge?" This time I had my response, a much more politically correct response I may add: "No thank you. I really prefer to pay for my vacations as opposed to having to do a bunch of stuff that you want me to do in order to get the free one you are promising. I'm really not interested and would like to be on your do not call list." Without a beat missed she agreed to my request and tried to wish me a good evening which I had already preempted. She wished it right back at me and we hung up quite cordially. Now, wasn't that better than a slammed phone, insulting her accent, or sicking Tasha on her?! Well, I don't know but it sure was fun. I think we were both lucky recipients this evening.


The Turley Times said...

I'm glad that turned out so pleasantly! They phrase those questions so blatantly that I always feel stupid when I have to say, "No, it wouldn't be fabulous to have this wonderful vacation free of charge!" That is why you are out of luck if you ever call me from a private number!

Monique said...

I love it when they try to still, no, put me on your do not call this....but....I said NO. (Maybe No is really yes in some other country?!)