Thursday, January 17, 2008

New sisters!

So I'm going to say that I have 3 new sisters now. Officially, legally, and state-approved, I'm not sure where we stand. When your father-in-law asks his "lady-friend" to move in, they buy and wear "commitment rings", and we start the whole meet the family routine are we there yet? Welcome to the 21st century where the kids questions their parent's behaviors and wonder about their living situations! Anyway, Maggy is my new mother-in-law, and she has 3 wonderful daughters...Angie, Katie, and Lizzie. Bill's father would want me to call them Margaret and Elizabeth, ect. but that is too stinking bad. Not only do I have 3 new sisters, but they are all younger than me...that makes me a big sister. Cool.

Another upside is that my girls now have 3 new aunts that all have a lot of energy and no kids of their own. Man, I loved it when I was an aunt. Life was so much fun when you could just send them off to their parents when you were done. Anyway, they love Kyra and Tasha. So much, in fact, that they endured close to an hour of Tasha's performance antics.

But not only did they watch patiently, they participated in the show! Here they all are with their weapons of choice to encourage the 3 year old, one-woman show...

Angie, Katie, Maggie, and Lizzie

Welcome to the family...we LOVE YOU!

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