Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Are we all Bloggin' crazy?

WooHoo! Doesn't bloggin' just make life happy?! When you write your post, it helps you spill all the stuff that is in your head and get it off your mind. I sleep better at night, having blogged. Then there other people that blog to keep their family in the loop about their lives. That's cool too, mostly because Tori has joined the blogging band wagon. Isn't it fabulous when you can keep in touch with someone you love at your own convenience?! (and for free!)

Then there are comments...I read on someone's blog that having people comment on her blog gave her "warm fuzzies". I totally agree, as long as "warm fuzzies" means the same thing it did when I was in the 3rd grade :)

So Bill thinks I'm a big geek because I save all you great people in my favorites list. But at least I'm talking and thinking with real people (via the computer!), not watching show-off celebrity, over-paid and under-brained athletes, or flipping over to the "Hot dog Heavens" show. At least he agrees that they need to stop showing people eating hot dogs. (Can Ted's really qualify to be on this show?) Anyone hungry yet...next up is the deep fried hot dog!


Monique said...

I know I like comments and check out everyone's blog in the am....gives me something to do and everyone is so different and most often makes me stop and think :)

Heather Weir said...

I love getting comments to. it is a good feeling people are there and are interested in you. I'm so happy for blogging buddies. Its fun to see others interests and likes. Makes people so much more relatable.

Rachel said...

Have you discovered the "Google Reader". If not, it's incredible. You just enter the site addresses of the blogs you want to read and then everytime they make a new post it pops up. That way, you only have to check your "Reader" once and you can see who has written without wasting time clicking on blogs that haven't been updated. SO CONVENIENT!

H said...

Oooh, I just got hooked up with bloglines.com to give me the updates on everyones blog. Yes, it seems to be a wonder!

AND...apparently we're not all bloggin' crazy! There are some real crazies out there. Like, set up your own website, get advertising to support your habit and your husband can quit his job, thousands of hits a day, and blog conventions. Sorry, not for me! Let's all keep it simple and not get obsessed here, OK?!