Sunday, January 13, 2008

Brotherly Love

So there we are in Sacrament meeting, standing to sing a song. It happens to be one of the 3 songs I know the words to, so my eyes are wandering and I'm smiling at Tasha. She's hugging and kissing me as I try to let words escape my mouth inbetween puckers. Then both of us turn our attention to the row in front of us. Little baby Tyler has been flirting and hiding with us all morning long and now is no different. He's holding onto the bench as he wobbles back and forth keeping his balance. He is content to hear the music all around him, minding his own business and watching everyone. Quite innocently, his big brother Justin leans over to rub his little hand. You know how we all lovingly stroke little baby was very sweet. Without even taking his eyes off Tasha and I, Tyler realizes who has his precious hand. He grabs ahold of Justin finger, narrows his eyes (still on us), contorts his mouth into an ornery grimace, and proceeds to twist his big brother's finger as hard as his 9 month old body can possibly twist. AAAh, the love!

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April said...

That is too funny. Justin always wants to play with Tyler. And Tyler generally enjoys it, but if someone gets hurt in the's usually Justin!