Sunday, January 20, 2008

Breast Cancer 3 day

In light of the many noble people that I know that are in training for the Breast Cancer 3day, raising money, supporting, and working for this very important and devastating disease, I have done a little research of my own. I appreciate all that the 3 day is trying to do but I also believe that there are a few holes in the system. I have not ever seen on any sign, posting, or website, or blog promoting the 3 day that has anything specific as to how to prevent this horrible disease from coming to our front door. To me, this is a travesty. When we learned that smoking caused cancer we were told to stop smoking. Now breast cancer is a front runner for money gathering, yet I do not hear many ways to prevent it. In fact, when I plugged in "breast cancer 3 day" to the Google search I was lead directly to their website. This site is devoted solely to registering you to raise money. It took several clicks and an eventual website transfer to get anywhere near prevention information. After MUCH clicking, etc. here are a few things we can do to PREVENT breast cancer: (italics are my insertions, everything has been cut and pasted from

Get exercise:
Women who do not engage in regular physical activity may have a higher risk of developing breast cancer [88,89]. Regular exercise can delay the first period until an older age, help with weight control and reduce the frequency of regular menstrual cycles—each of which can help decrease the total amount of estrogen a woman is exposed to over her lifetime (for more information on estrogen and breast cancer risk, click here) [44]. Low to moderate levels of physical activity may also enhance the immune system’s ability to kill cancer cells or slow their growth rate [90].

Although the issue is still under investigation, there is now good evidence that breastfeeding protects against the disease, particularly in premenopausal women [132,133]. Breastfeeding appears to offer protection against both estrogen receptor-positive and estrogen receptor-negative tumors [134]. (In short, the longer you breastfeed the more protection you get. This is a combination of all your children, not just the duration of one child)

Birth control pill:
Although evidence on the topic continues to mount, the overall conclusion has remained the same for a number of years: current or recent use of birth control pills slightly increases the risk of breast cancer. (this one has so many if's and's and but's that I'm not going to touch it. Look it up for yourself, with all the variables, and certainly don't trust your doctor and his/her opinion on the matter. Get informed and know your body.)

Estrogen Plus Progestin (this is hormone replacement therapy for post-menopause)
Estrogen plus progestin increases the risk of both developing and dying from breast cancer [92-101]. When women begin taking these hormones, their risk of having an abnormal mammogram appears to increase within the first year of use, and their risk of developing breast cancer starts to rise within the first five years [99,100]. For each year that women take estrogen plus progestin, their risk goes up slightly [97].

Until the 3 day does more to publish information about how to prevent this disease I am going to have to keep my money in my pocket. There is no reason that on the pink package of paper I bought at Officemax, there could not have been "Tip #1: reduce your estrogen". In my humble opinion, there should not be a single commerical in regard to the 3 day that doesn't give you some direct info on prevention. I have no way of choosing who to support of the dozen people that I know that are walking. You are all wonderful, dedicated people and I respect you all. Please don't take this post as a knock on what you are doing I think you are doing a great good. Good luck on your ventures and let's us all spread the word on how to stop it!


April said...

Le Leche League teaches that if you breastfed, and then you breastfeed your children and your daughters breastfeed their's like building up antibodies against cancer.
I also wanted to add that there is a great book called The Doctor's Case Against the Pill by Barbara Seaman that is amazing and sheds light on how horrible the pill is. I would shove this book into every woman's face if I could!

Rachel, Davey and Sophia said...

I didn't know all that, and it motivated me to start exercising again. Thanks for the helpful info!