Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ripped from the headlines

"Judge sentences man convicted in LA-area commuter train deaths to 11 consecutive life terms...
A man convicted of causing a deadly commuter rail crash that he blamed on an attempt to commit suicide was sentenced Wednesday to 11 consecutive life terms by a judge who denounced him as a remorseless killer."

I saw this headline and couldn't believe it. I swear this was a Law and Order episode, except that it took place in New York. I'm sure Law and Order took some liberties with the details of the how, but so much was similar that you can't deny this is what the episode was based on. Right down to the SUV, last minute change of heart, desperate attempt to gain the attention of his ex-wife, it was all the same. So much for their disclaimer that any similarities are merely a coincidence. (I did see them say it was based on a real life situation once. Maybe I missed it on this one.)

I just can't wait until I'm on a jury someday and can say, "I know this case, I saw it on Law and Order." Then I can be the jury fore(wo)man and tell everyone how to vote because I know what Jack McCoy says is right. HaHa.



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btg said...

I can remember seeing an episode that mirrored the O J Simpson trial, except the star was a baseball player. Got to love Jack McCoy !! He is the Mack Daddy of D.A.'s. I am sure when I was being considered for a jury of a murder case, my admiration for him prevented me from being selected!!!