Thursday, August 28, 2008

Car Conversations...

Without jinxing myself, I am hoping that the nightmarish drives in the car are at an end. Somehow I convinced Bill to switch his schedule and he now carpools with Kyra to get her to school. This alleviates a round trip headache of a trip for Tasha and I each morning. Now I only have to worry about pick-up and this week has gone well. Well enough in fact, that I have actually listened to my children with love in my heart and a keen ear for humor.

Tasha and I got in the van and drove to pick up Kyra from school. There is no talking going on at all until we hit Priest and Southern (about 5 minutes). Then Tasha pipes in, "So mom. If MoMo (my mom) took care of you, then who took care of her?" It is like the conversation we had a week ago had just continued today. She kindly acknowledged that I took care of her and asked who took care of me when I was a baby. That was the end of it then, so evidently she had been thinking that someone must have taken care of my mom at some point. Lesson one of family history, check! It is the "so mom..." or "so Kyra..." that has been a riot. Tasha will just do it on a whim. We will be sitting at dinner and out of the blue she will say, "So Dad, how was work today?" Good for her, because I seldom ask. Bad wife, bad.

Then we pick up Kyra and discuss the rest of our day. Sara is kindly going to take Tasha to gymnastics today so I can try to finish up some dumb quilt I started and never finished. Tasha tells Kyra that it is too bad that Kyra isn't in her same class with Lizzie so she can come. Speaking to the gymnastics and the Olympic athletes that we just watched, Kyra remarks, "Have you SEEN what they do on that bar? I can NOT do that!" Maybe you had to be there, but that was just so honest and sincere of an observation that I was cracking up.

I may appreciate my kids more these days, but I will dispel the perfect myth right now by saying I am still working on the rebuking in private. How much money do we have to pay the library before I can check out books without feeling like a thief?! Where are those dumb Clifford books that I never saw? Do I really want to own a Calliou DVD because the case was returned without the DVD in it? I'm sure I would be better off financially if we just took a monthly trip to Borders and each picked out an item.

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tempe turley said...

I somehow found myself owning a Calliou case without a DVD in it. I'd say you got the better deal!