Friday, August 8, 2008

I saw Ryan eating Cookies!

They weren't even good cookies either. They were stupid store bought Chips Ahoy cookies. What the heck? It was the strangest thing I think I've ever seen. Ryan eating cookies? And what was his response to this shocking observation..."well, someone took the watermelon away!" Yes, ladies and gentleman, he was happily snacking on the fruit, the fruit left with it's rightful owner, and then he was stuck with the cookies. This is the same man that I saw giving his son cherry tomatoes while saying, "here's some candy". La, la, la.

It's all quite now. All the children have left my house. All the adults have left. My 2 children have been banished to their rooms for fighting at the computer. The living room is tidy but I need to mop the floor. (good thing I didn't do that before 40 kids came tromping through) I want a little snack. Alas! There are stupid cookies on the table and a bowl of chocolate that someone conveniently left behind. But wait! I have a small bowl of strawberries and blueberries in my fridge that didn't fit on the dessert. For one fleeting moment I feel bad that I didn't offer them to Ryan. It was a brief, very brief moment. Then I thought, "his skinny butt can eat the cookies, I want the fruit!" La, la, la.


Rachel said...

I love when I find my AZ reading lady friend making a writing error. It happens so infrequently! But... this is twice now that I've caught you writing quite instead of quiet and it just makes me love you even more!

H said...

Rachel, you can assume that if all the letters are there and they are in the wrong order it is a TYPING mistake! It just means that my fingers don't think as quickly as my head does :) That's funny though, because I usually do read over it before I post and my brain didn't pick up on it. I'm glad you're keeping tabs on me otherwise I might lose my mind...or is it loose...or maybe loss. YIKES! (I know only you will understand that one!) I think I want to do a whole post where I mispell words and mix up antanyms and homonyms and homophones.