Friday, August 22, 2008

Because you didn't ask...

Tasha is still peeing in the backyard. I caught her bare-butted surfing for a spot yesterday. I believe this started up again once we got the puppy and had to take her outside every half hour, watch her pee, then bring her inside for a treat. Tasha isn't asking for a treat, butt...

Crying and praying are better ways than yelling to get your children to behave. It is more emotionally draining in the moment, but keeps the guilt away in the aftermath. It also seems to help them understand that their behavior does affect you.

I have a 4ft x 4ft kitchen island that is completely covered with stuff, 10 pineapples waiting to be canned, and 3 boxes of peaches on the way. I'm sitting at the computer avoiding the laundry that needs to be done, the bathrooms that need to be cleaned, and the above mentioned kitchen duties. Girls night out is tonight, I have no idea when Bill will be home, I need to pack the clothes that need to be washed and probably take a shower, but I already did my hair and makeup and don't want to do it again.

I have a new Target store. It is beautiful and when I drop off Kyra at school it is less than a mile away. In fact, it is a whole new shopping complex with so many stores and eating places I can't even count! Part of me feels sad that I can't support the city of Tempe by shopping at their store, but most of me doesn't really understand the financial responsibility that I have to purchase items within my city limits.

I need a cheap-o deep fryer to can my peaches. Instead of filling it with oil you fill it with water, put several peaches in the basket, "blanch" (I think that's the word) them for a few seconds, pull them out, and then the skins practically fall off. The fryer is much easier to use than a pot on the stove, sits by the sink so there is less mess, and comes with the handy basket. If someone has such an item please let me know...I searched Target and theirs are all too fancy. I'm resisting the trip to Walmart and will probably do it the hard way if I can't borrow one.

Walgreens periodically will email me a coupon for $5 off a $20 purchase. That is like 25% off stuff you already need, and it typically includes your photos too. (I'm not sure about prescriptions, Bill and I are med-free!)

Bill and I both need to get our eyes checked. Bill is in denial, I am too lazy to find out what our insurance covers and where to go. I also need someone to pick out my glass for me so I don't look like a big dork. Big dork complex is also the reason that Bill won't go.

Running to the Temple to escape your problems probably isn't the best solution but it is better than eating chocolate and inevitably saves a soul or 2, or 3, or 4... It also gives the Lord a chance to calm you down, give you some inspiration, and direct you somewhere other than the closest Circle K store.

I don't really like the way my blog looks but I can't figure out how to load a new template and all the blogger ones are old news. I wish I was more computer literate to know what all these funky terms are.

Tasha cut up 3 pieces of Kyra's jewelry yesterday (I assume on Bill's watch) but I think we've come to a solution and understanding between everyone. This had something to do with the crying and praying, Temple, inspiration, and the new Target store.

School for the kids is going great. I should do a whole post on it but we really are just taking it all in stride. Everyone is great, adapting, making new friends, and gaining new experiences.

There's a slogan that is coming to me as I write the post that goes something like: "Life comes at you hard..." is followed by a big thunk and then leads you to whatever product they are scamming. The life comes at you hard part is really resonating with me here, but I think we should finish it a little more appropriately. Does anyone have any suggestions?!


Monique said...

Life comes at you, dodge, run, what you can....but it really won't help.

Hmm, you sound as worn for sound as I am.

Jaylee Draney said...

Outsource. Or trade. If you can my peaches for me, I'll clean your bathrooms

Moke, Mom and Dad - The Lightburne Family said...

I think this time of year, everything catches up with everyone. Hang in there! We all get through it - eventually. I have a small frier that I use to steam tamales - and a very large stock pot Dave uses for making apple butter. You're welcome to either or both.


Marie said...

I have a deep fryer that fits a whole turkey... will that work?

Crystal said...


FizixMamma said...

I have a fryer but I'm not going to ups it from Utah :D
When you blanch the peaches lightly cut an "x" across the bottoms or the skins don't come off VOE(voice of experience).

How about "life comes at you hard... (thunk)" so use lots of pillows. You know, get more sleep and life seems better.

H said...

Thanks for all of your offers of fryers. I decided I hate blanching and went with a potato peeler instead. I'm not crazy and other people agree with me (I think). Maybe the X thing works, but I don't like cooking the peaches before I cook the peaches :) I also found a $20 fryer at Walgreens but don't really have any place to put it.
Thanks also for the trading of service, the "AMEN SISTER", and suggested hard life quotes. I'm a better person having friends like you all!