Monday, August 18, 2008

FHE: 1 down, 51 to go

Yep. As a family, we absolutely, positively, hit rock bottom at holding a "regular" family home evening. To say we do it when we can, if we can, sparadically, or even on occassion would be stretching the truth. On the flip side, to say that we have never done it would also be a stretch. I was pleased to know that Tasha at least had an idea as to what it was, and Kyra definately has memories (mostly of times she would share a lesson). Tasha and I planned to teach it together this afternoon and when I was talking to her later about holding family home evening tonight she said, "oh yeah, I like to do that." Well, whatever happened to that excited spirit must have stayed in the car, 'cuz when it was go time that girl had up and gone. It all came flooding back to me... all the reasons, all about 4 1/2 years old, on why it is a really miserable time trying to hold a FHE in our home. With treats, without treats, during dinner, at the table, in the living room, with the TV on, (and of course with it off!)... we've tried it all through the years and yet again tonight, misery! Threats, rewards, participation, lecturing, game playing, recitation...blah, blah, blah. NOTHING works!

So even as I am reminded of all the things we've tried and not tried. Even as I rehash all the whining, complaining, crying (on my part, I actually shed a few before we even started), tantrums, and running out of the room. This is my final stance and the exact words that I forcably said as Bill suggested that maybe it just isn't worth it:

"We're gonna do it, and we're gonna keep doing it, because it's a stupid commandment!"


The Turley Times said...

Helena, I am so proud of you for trying! Maybe we should do a joint FHE one of these Mondays and see how that goes? And if it makes you feel any better all we did tonight was bathe the kids and yell at them to clean up their room. :-)

Monique said...

365 days to go? Hmm, technically you only have to do FHE once a week, so you have 51 more to do. :) Doesn't that make it feel a little better...unless you are counting over your children's lifetime....that would add up.

P.S. The FHE game you brought over yesterday was a big hit...maybe you should have saved that for your family instead... :)

H said...

Thanks Sara. You have NO IDEA how much better I feel knowing you yelled at your kids :0 I'll take you up on the joint FHE once we actually get a rythm going here.

Mo, I did save a copy for us and that was the story we told for our FHE. Also, I messed up the numbers on that post title so I'll go change it now. It was supposed to be 51 to go (duh! trying to get a whole year in and I don't know my days from my weeks!)

Rachel said...

We need to start doing it too, somehow it seems like it's only a commandment if you have kids old enough to ask why you're not having it. I don't think that'll fly with the Lord though...:)

btg said...

I am hoping (and praying) that the more often we do FHE, the easier it will get. Routine seems to help our kids. Tasha seems to be at a tough spot in her life. I am sure that these nights will get better. They have too, right?