Friday, August 15, 2008

An Email from Taiwan

I have a nephew serving a mission in Taipei. There are too many typographical errors to correct so you are just going to have to read through the mistakes. He's a kid, on a mission, with an hour to frantically send messages to his loved ones, and he's been speaking a foreign language for half of a year. Give him a break, and listen to the message:

"What a great blessing it is to experience the feelings from the Holy Ghost. We are able to receive answers to all types of questions. We are fortunate members as we have been given the gift of the Holy Ghost so as we live worthily the Lord has promised the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. It may not be that burning sensation all the time, but you will know that you have it, especially once it goes away. Which brings me to a story..

So this past Monday we had Zone Conference and it was amazing, we learned alot and the spirit was strong. After which we were on the way home and got on a bus. We sat down in the back of the bus as there were two open seats for us to sit in, so we sat down and then I started to study Chinese as i usually do. We were in Taipei city making our way back to our home and in Taipei it was pretty crowded with cars, so traffic was really slow. As we stopped i looked out the window and saw two guys fighting on the sidewalk. I had no idea why they were fighting (that werent very good fighters, thats for sure). But i saw them figh, which lasted for like 40 seconds then after i just felt terrible. I felt like i had just like found out a relative was dead or something. It was just an awful feeling. I realized at the moment that the spirit had left me. That it was with me before and because of me watching that fight the spirit was gone. Now there was nothing that i could possible do abou the fight as we are not supposed to become involved in that kind of stuff. But still, i felt that because i love the Taiwan people soo much that my soul literally ached for those two. That kind of violence i havent seen for a while, probably since UFC. I realized that they obviously hated eachother and that really broke my heart. The entire bus ride home i felt almost sick to my stomach becasue i realized how lost some people really are.

I guess the biggest lesson that i learned from that experience is to be careful with what you do say watch or listen to. The spirit will dwell with you and then in a matter of seconds it will be gone. And that feeling of not having the spirit is the worst. It made me realized that i need to do all i can to constantly have the spirit with me, that is most important as i am on 'duty' at all times! ...that experience really made me realize how sensitive the spirit is. So we must be careful to not force it away."

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