Sunday, August 3, 2008


Puppies are really, really cute. They have cute puppy breath, can't you just smell it?
They are especially cute when they are frolicking in the backyard with their brothers and sisters after they have done all of their business outside (as opposed to INside).
Puppies are cute when they fall asleep on full tummies and lay with their legs like little froggies and their little heads on their paws.
Puppies are NOT cute at 4 in the morning when they are whining and there is pee and poo all over the bathroom floor. It also doesn't smell very cute.


Rachel said...

oh my gosh do you have those puppies in YOUR home? I want them! Sophia wants them. I AT LEAST want to visit! Ahhhhhhhh!!!

H said...

Rachel! I thought you were the parent that didn't want the animal!?!

Yep, the 4 darlings were at our home this last Friday and Saturday night.

Somehow (I don't know how) one of them ended up staying...

Now it is time for Sara to start lashing out at me for giving her a hard time about her cat. Sorry Sara, animals are hard to say no to...especially when the animals are your children begging for a puppy!

Monique said...

They are cute....except for at night. I have been there...and last time you came over...we were pet free! Still going stong, so don't ask me to puppy sit!

Rachel said...

no crazy lady, I'm the one BEGGING for a puppy! Davey doesn't want one. I'm counting on the kiddo begging to do the trick for us someday too. OH I hope!