Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kyra turns the big 1-0!

Me: So how does it feel to be in double digits?

K: It is amazing.

Me: Really? You will never get to go back to single digits?

K: I know. There are only 9 numbers and years that you can do that, but there's like a whole lot of double digit numbers.

Me: (Like I don't know that!) Ya-a! So this is the very last year that you will ever get to be a single digit number on your birthday. The very last time that you only get to use one number. Aren't you a little bit sad?

K: (Thinks a little, then looks at the clock) What time was I born?

Me: 4:30...ish.

K: Well, I'll be 9 for about 4 more hours.

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