Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Isn't Watermelon Yummy?

It is amazing to me that God created watermelon to be ripe in the summer right when you really need it. Right when your AC stops working and it is 84 degrees in your house and you really don't like the heat. (unlike some crazy people that keep the temp. set at 84 degrees) The AC is better now, the repair people are coming in the morning, and the watermelon is all gone. Tomorrow is Kyra's 10th birthday so I better go get a wrappin'...

(Funny, I had a great post in my head on the way home from a great seminar but then I read all of my friends great stuff and completely lost track of my mind. Where is my mind again?)


Crissybug said...

Hahahahaa....I can sympathize. :) Maybe I need a stockpile of watermelon! Glad it was shorlived...atleast for you. :)

Rachel said...

Did you know I havne't found a watermelon for less than 6$ around here? I waaaaaaaaaaaaannnnt watermelon! (but I'm too cheap, especially b/c that's for a smallish size too, HUH.) Eat more for me!

Monique said...

Ahem! It is set at 83 for your information.

Have to really be in the mood for watermelon...but, I guess in a "hot" house, I would want some.

H said...

Crystal, I'd stockpile and eat it frozen if I was married to your crazy husband.
Rachel, $6? That is for crap. Sorry for you and yes, Tasha and I will go buy another and eat it in your honor.
Monique, set at 83 in our house would heat up to 84 and cool to 82...and that is too *&#^ hot!

Can you tell we just got home from a stinkin' hot car ride? Which, surprisingly was not horrible and the AC is doing fine now.

Um,hum...can anyone change the air filter?! Lucky for me I figured that out before the guy came out and avoid a trip charge. DUH!