Friday, August 29, 2008

A Ban on Blanching!

All I ever hear when it comes to canning peaches is that you have to blanch them to get the skins off. A few seconds in boiling water, then dip them into ice water. Another tip came in that you should cut a little X on the bottom so the skins will actually come off. Maybe this all works for other people but I just don't like cooking the peaches before I cook the peaches. They get all soggy and slippery and I feel like I have to be so careful when cutting and putting them in the jars. I know that the ice water is supposed to stop the cooking but it just doesn't work for me. So thank you to everyone that offered up you fryers, but I tried it on the stove to no avail. I'm pretty sure the potato peeler and I get along much better than the boiling water, 2 extra big pans and added heat to my already smoldering kitchen.

I hereby formally put a ban on blanching peaches in this house henceforth and forever! (Or until I change my mind again, which is my right as a woman.)


tempe turley said...

Come do it with me next time...the blanching worked like a charm and the peaches still tasted good (I would know since I ate so many!) Congrats on your productivity. I am amazed!

Monique said...

I am glad I called you in the AM and got the idea to use the peeler. My peaches were soft, but easy to peel. :) I concur with the ban!

Crystal said...

I'm going to can peaches with you next year because it was horrible blanching those peaches. I am also banning it. Ban on, sister!