Friday, August 29, 2008

Ding, dong, the peaches are done!

5 Qts of Pineapple
28 qts of Peaches
18 cups of Frozen Fruit Cocktail
Isn't it pretty? What's not to love? All the labor, sweat, and peach-stained nails were well worth the effort. I just love to look at them! Funny thing is, I'm not a big fan of eating them. What a labor of love for my family.
I got into canning peaches in a roundabout way several years ago and I was instantly hooked. In fact, I started "My Home Canning Journal". Here's my first entry:
"To me it is amazing the joy and fulfillment that can be gained from canning your own food. The hours of standing, peeling, slicing, pitting, and cooking are hardly a drawback as I reap the rewards of our labors. I say "our" labors because I could not imagine doing this by myself, nor would I have begun on my own. Last year as pear boxes were being offered for sale through our ward I was inspired by Tami R. to buy and can 1 box. She supplied me the place, materials, and know how to get me through my meager beginnings. The rest is history...I am hooked!
My mother-in-law took Kyra and I strawberry picking when we were in New York for a visit in June 2001. She picked most of them and bought jars and pectin to make jam. I quickly jumped at the chance to take over her project and did. It was a very soft, smooth and subtle jam but one again, I am hooked!
The following pages will be a record of what I can each year along with prices and amounts so I can keep track. I hope to include recipes and stories that happen each year as my obsession grows.
Thanks to everyone who encourage, support, finance and even put up with those of us who home preserve for a greater purpose than something good to eat at a good price :) "
FYI, that first year (2001) I got a box of Lemon Alberta peaches for $19.00 a box.

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