Friday, March 7, 2008

An unstable solution...

YIKES!!! Since my last unstable post we have had 3 incidents and more culprits:

Yesterday afternoon Bill caught the tail end of an argument with the unstable lady and another man. By the time he was in the backyard the man was following her down the street and they were yelling obscenities at each other. He could hear them 3 blocks away.

Late this morning I was in the backyard when the yelling really went crazy. Started by the unstable lady, she was walking off as our regular guy let loose with some well rehearsed and very colorful anger. I had to walk halfway there and ask him to stop. The guy with him yelled that he was hungry. I finished hanging out my clothes and then made them 2 ham sandwiches and took them over with a couple of oranges. He was VERY appreciative, and our regular guy was VERY apologetic. He said that lady just sets him off (just like I suspected) and he hates it when these other guys come over to "his" Ramada because he can't have any peace. Well, I hate it too.

THEN, around 3:30, as we arrived home from shopping, I pulled into the driveway to a big ruckus of 6-8 people. They were arguing fairly loudly, off and on as we unloaded the car but I couldn't make anything out. Fine. The girls did a puzzle while I started this blog and I turned the music up load enough to drown out their voices. When I took out the recycle I got to hear a string of F words aimed at one gentleman. AAAAH, that's enough. (but I'm certainly not going over there to that group) After a wrestling match starts I decide to call the police, they come, and things calm down as several of them leave.

Now, Kyra reported that the unstable lady is back because she heard her again. (No, she doesn't call her "unstable") According to our regular homeless resident they will hold her for 10 days if she is arrested. Hmm, that would give us 2 weekends of peace and all of Spring Break. Bring it on!

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