Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Bill's dad turned 75 this past Wednesday. Wow. 75! That's 3/4 of a century. And I have to say the man is in crazy good health, super vitality, and keeping up with the young dogs. In fact, he's coming over this weekend to help Bill build a swing set for Tasha.

A big kudos goes to Bill for calling his dad last week and inviting him over for dinner. Yes, he made the call ahead of time and was thoughtful without me even mentioning a thing. As he invited him he turned to me in a hushed tone and said, "is that OK?!" Then I listened to him coerce a dinner menu out of him. I can imagine on the other end his dad just saying whatever about 5 times until he finally asked for Sauerbrauten. What's that?! I've heard of it but what did Bill get me into?!

More kudos to Bill for looking up the recipe for it...not the day of, but a week before. What a blessing that man is, especially since the meat needed to marinate for something like 3-4 days. (Ours only got a day and a half since it was in my mom's fridge, grrr, no fridge here yet) So I faked my way through this new recipe, using the crockpot since I would not be home in time to cook it for 3 hours on the stove. (who does stuff like that?) And what-da-ya-know, it was fabulous. It was just what his dad wanted and commented on how great it was, several times. I guess he even called ME last night to thank me again.

This tasty dinner, and a book got me to there something to this cooking business? If I take the time to prepare, sometimes marinate, add all the herbs a recipe calls for...will I enjoy what I'm eating enough to put the time and thought into a yummy dinner everytime? It really isn't all that great of a chore, just out of my element. I'll get out 10+ ingredients to BAKE something, but to COOK is another story. Why is that?! Although I used a box mix for Dad's German Chocolate Cake, I made the frosting from scratch and it was heavenly. Maybe I just enjoy desserts more than actual food. Go figure! The book I flipped through said that when you have really flavorful food you savor it more, eat less, and thus, lose weight. Good idea.

SO, Happy Birthday Dad! And thanks for the new experience. Maybe I'm on my way to be a Becky Sauer birthday host...oooh, and make a homemade pie that sells for over $40! WOW, wouldn't that be the day? A girl can aspire though, can't she. Maybe in Dad's honor I will try a new recipe each week...well, maybe each month would be a little more realistic.

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April said...

I know exactly what you mean about the time it takes to cook. My mom just gave me a recipe for her chilli, you are suppose to simmer for 2 hours. I groaned about it, made it anyway in much less time and then whined that it didn't taste the same. Perhaps we should be like the Amish and begin dinner directly after cleaning up our breakfast mess. But then I'd have to actually make breakfast and clean, hmmm. I'd better rethink this. Sauerbraten sounds great! Mmmm!